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The Stars Interviewed me in 2003- pt 1 (never published before)

While looking through my old files I came across a project that I started and never finished. It was for my first website.  The website started out as and became I asked my friends to write in and tell me which questions they would like ME to answer since I always asked them the questions. 

Here are the questions they sent, who sent them and my long over due answers. This was started in June 2003, obviously, I hope no one was waiting for my answers, lol.  So remember the questions are from 2003 and some of my answers are from 2003 and some are from today March 2009. I dated the answers so you would know from whence they came.  There are so many questions I will have to do this in several parts, if you guys find it interesting.

2003 Questions from Dave Cummings-
Have you become at all “immune” to getting turned on, now that you have been on so many sets?  (2009) I have not yet gotten turned on by watching an adult scene being filmed. It’s not all that sexy. It’s more performance, cut. Go and Stop. I do however get a thrill from the “off-camera” flirtation and play of the cast and crew There is so much teasing and taunting going on OFF camera, that I am surprised more jumping bones doesn’t go on during breaks in shooting.  

What’s the most exciting thing about being an “Insider”? What’s the most interesting aspect? What’s the most awkward aspect of it?

(2009)Exciting- Getting to go and do things that most people can only dream about.
Interesting- Finding out, over and over, that people in porn are just people, maybe a little more open minded, but they are just like everyone else, except for their job.
Awkward-Sometimes I am the only one in the room with my clothes on.

Will Dave Cummings EVER get lucky with you (like he constantly fantasizes about)? (2003) Dave, you are the ONLY porn star that has ever Frenched-kissed me! You are on the right track….. (2009) The answer above is still true.

2003 Questions from Mary Carey- I would love to help you out since I have been a big fan of yours for so many years.  I miss you Cindi.

What made you get interested in porn?  (2003) I have always been a writer. I ran a phone sex company for a while. I have always been interested in writing and sex, and they just ended up mixed together.

 How old were you when you lost your virginity? (2003) Seventeen and seven eighths

What are your favorite types of movies?
  (2003) (g/g, gang bangs, features….) Funny features( Legend’s Jerry Tanner/Nelson X movies), or artistic, sadistic crazy Zupko-ish films. (2009) parodies, dramatic features

 Which company has been the most cooperative and helpful to you over the years? (2003) Most of the companies I work with are fabulous. But if I have to pick the one all over BEST it would be Maricela & Video Team. (2009) No way to pick one. Now that I have been around so long, i have gotten to know most people in the industry and the companies and PR people are terrific. It would be much easier and a shorter list for me to name the ones that suck.

Who are the meanest people you have met in porn?
(2003) I’m not going to name names yet. But in general those whose negativity and ego overshadow any redeeming qualities they might have. Anyone who does not pay talent for their work, should be shot, and any parasite who lives off of another’s work should be killed. (2009) That is a whole other article, which has been in the works for years. I have a top ten, maybe twenty scum bag list. Can’t wait to release it!

Have you and Nelson X had sex? (2003) often. (just kidding)
But only anal (just kidding)

Do you ever get tired of watching porn? (2003) YES! Especially back to back or comps or when they keep repeating the same damn shot! (2009) yes, especially during award time.

Why don’t you move to LA? (2003)  My family and business headquarters are here in Fort Lauderdale.  There is too much partying going on in LA. If I lived there I would end up being a homeless crack-whore. (2009) maybe not homeless….

2003 Questions from Dani Sexton- I’m sure readers would like to know how you got to be in the biz, and what you did before, and I know I think we are all wondering if next time we all see you in a hot porn movie will you do a sex scene???? Face it Cin, you got fans, I know I’m one! I love ya baby!!!! Payback time!!!! I have two questions for your interview, imagine that.

Are you bi? This is my most asked question. I would consider myself Try.
How about a lickfest? Me and You?  Wow. But will it ruin our 10 year flirtation?


2003 Questions from Luc Wylder-Do you feel you are making a positive contribution to society through your work? Please explain.  (2003) Uhmm. Yes I am entertaining perverts and showing the happy fun, positive side of the porn world to the mainstream world. 

Is this a lifetime career for you? If not where do you see yourself in 10 years? (2003)Writing is a lifetime career, what ever direction it takes me.

What is your favorite fantasy for masturbation?(2003) A beautiful Asian chick being tortured by her Master

Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed? Why? (2009) There are so many. But I’ll answer by saying I met my best friend during an interview in 2005, so she was/is the most interesting person I’ve ever talked to. Georgina Spelvin. And I finagled that interview so I could meet her, but that’s another long story…

What is your vision for the future of porn in America? (2003) I’m just hoping for the best. Everyone please read Orwell’s “1984”, Watch Legend’s “Vice Squad” and stand up for yourself and our industry.

Cindi: One more…what scares you? (2003) Practically, I am afraid of bees and wasps and red ants because I am very allergic and can die. Globally, I am afraid of my president, my government, and “their” leaders and “their” government. (substitute any country for “their”) Personally, I’m afraid of throwing up in public.


Some of these people I  haven’t talked to in a long time. Some are no longer in the biz. Re-reading this made me realize how much I miss talking to them. Since I’ve been so busy, I don’t have those nice long one on one e-mails, IM’s and phone chats like I used to. If you are someone I haven’t talked to in a while, please drop me an e-mail. I do miss my old and dear friends. [email protected]

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