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The Stars Interviewed me in 2003- pt 2 (never published before)

This interview was started in June 2003, obviously, I hope no one was waiting for my answers, lol.  So remember the questions are stars 2003 and some of my answers are from 2003 and some are from today March 2009. I dated the answers so you would know from whence they came. 

This is the adorable Jen Worthington, former Lipstick Lesbian on Howard Stern show

Jennifer Worthington (2003)-
Jen Worthington -oooooooooh we finally get the dirt! Good luck sweetie and I can’t wait to read the article!  Do you really love porn as much as you seem to?

I love the people IN porn.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Mine, just add a zero to the end of my salary.

If you could spend a day in anyone else’s body who would it be and what would you do? Madonna, ten years ago, because I want her money, but not her husband. I would do yoga, give a concert and go uber shopping. 


Nina Almen (2003) – You go girl friend!  You are not a “nobody porn journalist”… you are writercindi! I can only “get you back” by saying… “write me an article about yourself!” HA HA. ( I made Nina write about herself) So, here’s a few from me…I wish you lots of luck and I wanna see the print! <big smile>
Licks and Nibbles

 What directed your interests into writing for a pornographic magazine rather than for a magazine like Redbook or Ladies Home Journal? (2003) Fate and luck of the draw.  I wouldn’t mind doing some personal interest stories on the side for mainstream. (2009) I just love personal stories of people, so I will be using them now in my book.
Who is your inspiration and why? (2003) Oprah/Madonna/ My Grandmother- Strong women who made their own destiny. Never compromised or took shit from anyone.
(2009) My friends, my family, my husband , my dog. I learn from other people these days. I think I have grown up in the last 6 years.

Who was your easiest interview? (2003) Mary Carey, she never stops talking! I love her.
What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? (2003) Living on a desert island with a DSL line writing porn.  (2009) Islands are no longer a good idea with global warming. So I now want a log cabin in the middle of nowhere on a lake with a satelite internet and phone connection.
Bisexual Britni(2003)- Are you actively bisexual? 

No but I would like to be.

How old were you when you first had sex with a girl? Nineteen, and just foreplay.

Ever had a threesome? Yes

Of mainstream actors/actresses, who do you think is hottest?   Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek. In the 80’s I used to fantasize about the guys on Miami Vice, Edward J. Olmos, Don Johnson, and Phillip-Michael Thomas

Jennifer Steele- (2003) Does being a writer for an adult magazine ever get you laid?

It has lead to opportunities, but I have always turned them down.

When you were on the set of your first porn, was it different than you expected?
Yes. It was much more relaxed and comfortable then I thought it would be. Also more mechanical then sexual.

 Jim Gunn-You know what to expect from me.   How old were you when you had your first lesbian experience and how did 
it occur?- details!  (2003) 

I was nineteen. My boyfriend introduced me to one of his old girlfriend’s and the expected threesome turned into an unexpected lesbian twosome.

Which female porn star would you most want to have sex with and why? (2003)
Usually I am enamored with who ever was on the latest issue of Xcitement, because I spent the last two weeks talking to them, talking about them, researching them and looking at their pictures. Right now it’s Krystal Steal, and Giselle Yum.

(2009)  I tend to like girls that are smart, funny, sexy and crazy. Wicked is good at hiring my type of girl. I’ll just list a couple, jessica drake, Kaylani, Carmen Hart. I also really love girls that are naturally large busted. 

Nina Dolci- Thank you Cindi for being such a sport ? I do have a few questions to ask you. What was your wildest experience? Where did it take place?(2003) It began with bikers, a strip club, and a bathroom and ended with me escaping and running full speed to my car. You can fill in the middle! lol 

Have you ever kissed a girl?
(2003) I recently got majorly kissed by feature star Denise Derringer. It was very nice. (2009) Not recently.

Have you ever considered doing an adult film? Who would be the other in that film?  (2009) I did do an adult film, I had a lead role and it starred Hannah Harper, Mary Carey, and Nikita Denise. My role was non sexual. I acted and did voice-over. La Femme Nikita Denise Part 2 is the name of it. Written by Nelson X. Directed by Jerry Tanner.

Who is your favorite female porn star? (2003) Many favorites for many different reasons. It would be impossible to pick just one. Plus the rest would kill me.

Glori-anne-This is too funny.  I think an interview should be done on you because coming from the privileged position of actually knowing you in real life- after all we’re friends, I think an interview is defiantly due.
 Does your husband get jealous that all the hottest girls in the industry are always calling the house for you? (it does seem a bit cruel)
Naw. He’s used to it. He just invites them to come over.

You look so sweet and innocent, and are so nice… yet the interviews you do are about the porn industry- and you always have the best questions of any reporter out there-it is just hard to believe that you don’t have a secret wild side to you that gets unleashed in your personal life and we are all just fooled by your sweet demeanor.
Umm… Was that a question? Lol. Thank you so much for the props! My wild side is all in my mind.
Tara Wild- With all the people you talk to about sex and all the scenes you probably have watched, have you ever felt yourself getting a little moist down there? and if you have …tell me about one?  (2003) Dani Sexton gets me going just by talking to her over the phone. She’s a little horn dog. Felicia Fox and Tim Case talk dirty to me on IM, that works too.

and….furthermore…were you getting a little moist down there in the few hours we spent in your hotel room in Vegas?… (2003,long story) but four people had sex in my hotel room while i was taking pictures, I almost got sued. We had all been drinking earlier at a club and appeared on the Insomnia show.  Yes. Especially when I started talking dirty to you!

(2009) I would say that what turns me on is anything that is for real. Dirty talk, flirting, dancing, kissing until you can’t take it anymore. Wild, wanton sex, even just watching it. I am so shy,  sometimes it’s just easier for me to watch. Although I love the thought of being so into someone that you can’t help yourself but grab them, push them up against the wall and kiss them passionately. That happened to me once with a girl named Karen.



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