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THe State of the Industry, IMHO


by Heidi Hanson of

Ok, so I have been kindof putting this topic off, because I don’t want to seem cynical, or negative about the “business” but since everyone and their aunt, brother, and cousin keep asking me my two cents, here goes. AND yes, its just MY two cents!
As y’all know I model and produce xxx content. I have been doing so for about 5 years now.

In the beginning, one could shoot nearly anything / subject and sell it. I had seen things from huge glued on tits, to fake dicks on chicks, to fart fetish (no joke) sell, and sell well. BUT, things started slowing down along with the decline of the economy, and really noticeable within the last 2-2.5 years. RedTube emerged. YouPorn emerged.. free sites and piracy, torrents emerged.. and they were picking up steam.
Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a place for everything, and everything has a place. I would be a liar if I said I hadn’t visited and watched free porn in one way or another. I don’t think that is the root of the problem, actually, but a consequence of desperation and self fufilling detriment.

Let me explain:
About 1o years ago, when the internet really started picking up steam, it opened a new doorway to the accessability of porn to everyone. When you used to have to buy videos, magazines, etc – risking embarassment, or privacy, now you had access to porn on your computer, which could be easily downloaded in the privacy of your own home, at your leisure, and at your discretion. Awesome! I truly believe the whole growth of the internet had 80% to do with porn.

But, as you know, greed and shortsightedness, come with Capitalism for which America is both so successful, and hated for.  So with the emergence of this new venue for sales in porn, the industry exploded. Soon everyone was making it, selling it and posting it on the WWW and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Ok, fine.

Bringing us up to about 5 years ago – Now the fierce competition and greed started to rear itself : soon companies were posting “TGP”s (as we call them) which are free thumbnail galleries of porn, meant to entice the viewer into seeing stuff they liked and then on to  joining the site. Ok, good idea.. to a point. When you post say, 10-15 images of a girl, then you have done the right job.. when you start going for a full set, to “outdo” the competition, you just went the opposite direction, because you screwed yourself. (pun intended) .
Within the last 3 years — Then after TGP’s, the companies started posting teaser videos, then full segments..Now the viewer is completely satisfied FOR FREE. Why join some site when you just spunked your load off what was given out for free? Maybe there are other gals you would like, or maybe another free TGP will be released and you will just wait and see. Initially, the first was true, but as the economy started getting worse, the latter was the rule. And, still is.

Bringing us to current — Instead of companies pulling back, they gave more. Big mistake. Not that I don’t understand or even empathize with saving a buck or what have you, but its a simple rule : if porn is free, where is the money coming from to make more? Not off of free content, that’s for sure! There is such a thing as giving a deal, then there’s giving away the farm…

Soon, companies started folding, and then on top of that, the content from their membership sites, DVD’s and other promo materials out there started getting pirated left and right. That added to the initial problem of the porn company’s mistakes, not only were they giving what they wanted out for free, other hackers are taking it, without permission, and ran with it. (which as a non-programmer I really don’t understand, because friends who DO program told me there are watermarks available for content that only allow that downloaded content to be played on ONE computer.. oversight anyone??)

Initially, now, this seems like no big deal. So, there is tons to view and maybe you will take 5 years to see it all. And, you figure, the porn companies are rich enough already..But that’s not the point. Eventually, the stuff is hashed and rehashed, and I am seeing that now. The same stuff in different cut down versions. But its too late for most companies, they are already gone. With that, dwindles the viewer’s / consumer’s choices. Pretty soon, only the moguls will be still around, and you will be forced to watch what they want to produce, not what you want to see.
Take me, for instance. I do not work all that much because I do not have big bolted on fake tits. The big companies, have never hired me, and probably never will (boo hoo, whoop de doo! I am losing so much sleep over it ..NOT!! LOL) . They do not take risks, they do not produce anything  less than what they think 75% or more of the public prefers, and that they think will be consumed. Granted, I have thousands (yes scary LOL) of fans, but they think more along 100′s of thousands. So they are not going to be doing anything but generic stuff they are sure will sell (or will it?)

So, if you were into bush, or small tits, or petites, or anything else not mass produced or mass consumed, within a short time here, you will be out of material to watch. UNLESS you support your niche sites, like ATK which I nearly exclusively model for. (And, incidentally, are the only ones other than Anilos who seem to be doing their advertising correctly/smartly, that I know of.. suggest others if you have them!)

Where does this leave the industry? Some are going 3-d, some are doing parodies, but all these gimmicks are also short lived, the “finger in the dyke” (again pun intended LMAO) theory. Once the shine wears off, its back to basics, folks.. then what?

So now the huge upserge of porn production is off the cliff, just like the housing market- eventually the bubble pops and you start over. Good for me, because I am a super small producer and do not have the overhead big companies do. Good for me because I still actually talk to my friend/fans, and ask them what they want. Good for me because… the future of the industry.. in my honest opinion.. is going to be all about interactive content. Something studios and moguls and huge companies cannot produce, but something solo models (ie, me) can. So its back to grass roots. Sounds fine to me. All good things come to an end, but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing, its a new beginning, and a chance to start fresh with new ideas and let some of the little girls and guys get a chance to make something great. Good riddance monopolies.

Anyway, thats just my opinion, and I think I am pretty accurate, but only time will tell, as will your membership to my upcoming site.. tee hee!

Until then, keep in mind the more you take, the more you are giving up, so please do not support the tube sites, or torrents, whenever possible, voice your opinions (yes, do write the companies) and support the sites you love and talent you love. That will really make a difference, believe me.

So, ’nuff said? I dunno.. feel free to comment me and lemme know!

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