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The Syph Now in UK Too?

English porn performers are arguing on twitter over whether or not there is a Syph outbreak there. AVN award winning UK Performer Danny D has tweeted that there is a case and that all production should STOP!

from Danny D  ‏@DannyDxxx-

One Confirmed Case of Syphilis in the UK… I Urge Professional Performers to Halt ALL Hardcore Shoots!!! Be Safe N Protect Yourselves!! DD

The Industry Needs To Shut For A Minimum Of 1 Month!!! Incubation periods are only messing around with results!!! Be Safe n Don’t Shoot!! RT

Fellow Performers… Don’t Listen To Anyone Telling you to Shoot When Your Uncomfortable!!! To Many Idiots Speaking Shit!!! #KnowYourFacts

Other English porners are not happy about Danny’s info, saying until they hear it from their trade organization “AITA” they are not going to believe it. So far there is nothing from AITA about a SYPH problem.  So is there or isn’t there? We just don’t know yet…


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