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The Tinder Sex Experiment @ Ersties


Every once in a while we encounter something truly fun and unique in the world of XXX. We at PORN.COM have probably seen it all by now, but recently we’ve discovered a fresh take on adult video content.

The Tinder Sex Experiment from Ersties is a perfect example of delivering refreshing content that raises the bar for others in our industry. The all-female team isn’t new to the industry and strives to deliver content that is real and feels natural. Those who love amateur content and porn that is more realistic should take notice.

“Are you on Tinder?”

“Would you have sex with a complete stranger?”

If you pose those questions to the average person on the street what kind of answers are you likely to receive? All you porn loving guys out there may not need to think too hard when it comes to your answers but for others it may not be so cut and dry.


Ersties describes their Tinder Sex Experiment as another way for real women (and men) to explore their sexuality and deliver more authentic scenes to their viewers. This is an interesting concept and does a great job of using an already existing and well-known platform as part of the formula.


Tinder has proven itself as the casual dating and hookup site of choice for many around the globe. Terms such as “swipe left” have become part of our household vocabulary and their design has influenced apps ever since. While the superficial nature of Tinder and focus on outward appearance have often come under fire, Ersties has done a superb job making use of this. It’s all about sexuality, self-discovery and having fun, and we can get down with that!


The process is simple and as you watch the Tinder Sex Experiment trailer you can see it all unfold. Two random strangers are cast from Tinder and when they meet for the first time, are asked to fuck right there and then on camera.

The Tinder Sex Experiment

They outline there is no script, no fake orgasms and the end result delivers a more real-to-life scenario. In terms of casting this is an interesting take as the performers are also actively involved in finding someone that is attractive to them.

The Tinder Sex Experiment - Real Fun

The end result can’t help but feel more natural. Check it out for yourself.

The Tinder Sex Experiment

What are your thoughts on combining hookup apps like Tinder with porn? Let us know in the comments below or share your thoughts on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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