The top 10 celebrity pornstar lookalikes

They say everyone in the world has a lookalike. That’s very true. Sometimes, lookalikes are actually better than the real deal, and you could say the same about celebrity pornstar lookalikes. You see, celebrity sex tapes leak every now and then, but it happens so rarely that waiting for a sex tape to see your favorite celebrity being fucked is like watching paint dry. At least with paint, there are tangible results in the end. Some celebrities never release sex tapes and the best way to really see your celebrity in XXX action is through these celebrity pornstar lookalikes. With so many whores in the adult entertainment industry, there are high chances of finding one that looks like a celebrity.

You could carry out your own research and scour through hundreds of pornstar indexes, but why do all that when you can leave it to the professional? Here are The Top 10 Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes. For purposes of clarity, I’ll start with the pornstar name followed by the celebrity lookalike.

1. Anetta Keys – Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys always struck me as a pretty classy woman, and you will struggle to find her nude leaks or as much as a nip slip. So, how do you get to see Alicia naked? With the help of Anetta Keys and some imagination, it is possible. Alicia has won 15 Grammys, and as you can imagine, her nudes are in high demand. As we wait for the real deal to show up, enjoy the next best thing; her pornstar lookalike.

2. Missy Stone – Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg is another famous Hollywood actress who you may know from her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she has also landed roles in among others 17 Again, Inspector Gadget and Gossip Girl. The thing with these celebrities is everyone would pay to see them naked, and Michelle’s fans are lucky because we have someone who looks exactly like her:  Missy Stone. Things can only get better as you will find out from this pornstar’s scenes.

3. Dani Jensen – Lindsay Lohan

Before you start having ideas, I’m talking about Lindsay when she wasn’t doing coke.  In her day, she was one of the prettiest celebrities, but now she has made some not so good decisions in her life, drugs being one.  She played Anna Coleman in Freaky Friday and Cady Heron in Mean Girls, and one of her two music albums reached platinum status. There is good news for those who want to see Lindsay in better shape; her pornstar twin Dani Jensen. Rest assured you are in perfect hands.

4. Faith Leon – Lyndsy Fonseca

American actress Lyndsy Fonseca is known for her roles in movies like How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Desperate Housewives, CSI Crime Scene Investigation among others. She has such an impressive CV, and the only thing that’s probably missing is a sex tape. She probably looks different now than when she used to rock long wavy hair that she died black, but pornstar Faith Leon is more than a perfect match.

5. Natasha Nice – Katy Perry

Everyone and their dogs know who Katy Perry is. To be honest, I would bang her, and her pornstar look alike Natasha Nice. Katy is a feminist (for real), and the nearest you will come to seeing a feminist choked, abused, and fucked in the ass is through Natasha Nice. This girl has some sumptuous tits and is apparently quite talented and just like her Katy; she has dyed hair. I only hope to see a Katy Perry sex tape though. For research purposes only, I assure you.

6. Sophie Lynx – Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde has landed roles in several movies including Tron, Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Lazarus Effect, and Deadfall. Her pornstar lookalike Sophie Lynx is not a stranger to the adult industry, and if one day she decides to give us a sex tape, Sophie’s videos might give a clear indication as to what you should expect. Any man would be down to the idea of cumming inside Olivia, and I hope we’ll see the real deal sooner.

7. Jenna Presley – Elizabeth Hurley

She is one of my favorite celebrities and has an equally sizzling hot pornstar look-alike. If you don’t know Elizabeth Hurley, let me bring your attention to her roles in Gossip Girl, Wonder Woman, Bad Boy, and The Royals among others. You are not likely to bounce upon her pussy pics or any of that erotic shit, but that’s where her twin in porn Jenna Presley comes in handy.  Perhaps even better, the pornstar’s version is younger and has the body of a hot slut. She’s certainly worth every drop of jizz.

8. Abigaile Johnson – Anna Kendrick

To be clear, I’m not into silly comedies or chick flicks, but Anna Kendrick is worth discovering. The moment I learned of her roles in Mr. Right, Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods and Twilight, I started looking for her pornstar lookalike. After a painstaking process, I bumped upon Abigaile Johnson, a slut from the Czech Republic. She may not have the sharpest body features, but it’s the face that matters (that is if you are not touching the titties). Given a chance, who would you bang; Abigaile Johnson or Anna Kendrick?

9. Meggan Mallone – Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is not even an A-list celebrity, but I have already found her pornstar lookalike. Someone get me a fucking medal. I already have an idea of how Kristen’s pussy and tits look like all thanks to her pornstar Meggan Mallone. The only thing I don’t like about Kristen Stewart is her lack of tits (seriously), and I thought with the decent money she has made, some breast implants would solve the issue. Luckily, Meggan Mallone brings a decent porn touch on the table and to be honest; I’d rather watch Meggan having sex than Kristen. She has terrific boobs, has a feminine body, and is down to straight and lesbian porn. She is a lot more sensual features than the celebrity herself.

10. Kenzi Marie – Kristen Bell

Kenzi Marie is the perfect match for Hollywood celebrity Kristen Bell. Interestingly, Kenzi Marie is 7 years younger than Kristen although you wouldn’t tell by just looking at her.  Either Kristen is looking after herself better, or our pornstar whore is abusing her body. Kristen’s roles are mostly voice; Anna in Frozen and Martha in Family Guy although she’s had other roles in House of Lies series, Gossip Girl and Scream 4. Kenzi certainly doesn’t have Kristen’s voice, but how often do these pornstars talk anyway?


I’m sure you have found the list as enjoyable as I have. Do you really think these girls look alike too? Well, you better do because that’s the fucking best you’ll get anyways.

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