The top 10 most popular places for sex tourism

Visiting new destinations is always an exciting prospect, whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. There are a whole lot of things to do in a foreign country be it sightseeing, museums, sampling the local food and much more. What if you wanted to visit a country for sex tourism? Well, you are in the right place as ThePornDude has the list of the best destinations for you to go and engage in your dirty little fantasies. There are millions of sex workers around the world waiting to give you pleasure, and all you need to do is book a journey to one of the following places and find out for yourself. Be guaranteed that you won’t be the only one booking the trip.

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Top 1o most popular places for sex tourism.

1.Dominican Republic

What’s there not to love about this country? Beautiful beaches, excellent food, sexy girls, Caribbean parties and all that. What’s more, the state is also one of the most popular with tourists because of its sex tourism industry. It is estimated that 100,000 sex workers ply their trade in this country. The country’s proximity to the United States means that business is booming in this part of the world. The good news is prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic. The bad news is sex with minors is illegal. There are many sex workers below the legal age of consent so, be warned.


This Asian country has gained fame because of its ease to acquire sexcapades. There are loads of delicately disguised spas with ‘happy ending’ where everyone with a functioning brain knows what’s happening inside. There are approximately 2.8 million sex workers in the country willing to have your money in exchange for many sexual gratifications. The business is also well protected by influential individuals within the World Health Organization which means that Thailand is not only one of the favourite places for sex tourism, but one of the safest as well.

3.Costa Rica

There is more to this country than just rainforests, and crazy species of animals like the National Geographic wants us to believe. Costa Rica is also famed for its commercial sex enterprise. Just like her fellow Caribbean nations, the influx of Canadian and American tourists eager to savour its lovely and exotic girls has seen the business boom and the country’s popularity soar. Next time you see an ad in Costa Rica featuring a bikini-clad girl, she is most probably a hooker.


If you are kinky and fetish loving, Japan is the place you should be booking your next flight to. The high quality and satisfying nature of the sex services offered in Japan makes it the destination of choice for sex tourists. Japanese girls employ 1000-year-old techniques between the sheets, and you will be in for a wild treatment. It’s one of those ‘try if you dare’ experiences. Japan is known for its perfectionist attitude towards everything and the beautiful, teen looking Japanese lasses will give you an experience you won’t forget in a century.

5.Amsterdam, Holland

This is one destination that probably needs a little introduction with its famous red light district. Vice crime is legalised in this part of the world, and therefore it’s frighteningly safe. You will be going back to Amsterdam not only to savour the beautiful women but may also be for the intrigue by the lawfulness of the trade. The sex industry in Amsterdam is rampant and unapologetically so. Add in some legal marijuana and your experience will be more than full. Sex workers will shamelessly flaunt their goodies behind glass windows, and you will have to be very strong to fight off the temptation.


Surprisingly the only African country to feature on my list. Like in other third world countries, poverty drives young girls into prostitution at a pretty young age. There are repercussions for the flourishing sex industry in Kenya though; there is little dissemination of information regarding sexually transmitted infections with sex workers using protection roughly 60% of the time. You will have to be a bit careful. That aside, the country has some of the most beautiful women in Africa, and you will not be disappointed you chose it as your preferred sex tourism destination. Nairobi and Mombasa are exceptionally vibrant cities.

7.The Philippines

Prostitution may be illegal in this country with substantial punishments, but clearly, that has not affected business too much. Over 500,000 sex workers are masquerading as barmaids who will welcome sex tourists flocking the country with open arms.  Filipinos are known for their tolerant nature to various lifestyles, which is one reason commercial sex enterprise has flourished. It is estimated that between 40%-60% of the visitors in the country visit individually to sample their sex tourism industry. With such beautiful women, it is clear why the country is so famous.


Forget (in)famous the drug cartels, Colombian women are some creatures to behold. It makes it a hotspot for commercial sex enterprise. I also heard a rumour that the sex workers are so generous they will lower the price for a right customer which probably explains why thousands of tourists flock this South American nation. In all probability, there has to be a particular breed of tourists who go into the country just to see the super curvy Colombian girls because there is no shortage of them.


Well, I’m yet to find a single individual who doesn’t love Brazil. There is the exotic life, beautiful beaches, raucous festivals, wonderfully made women, and much more. That said, Brazil also gets a spot on my list of the most popular sex tourism destinations. Wild festivals like the carnival coupled with the country’s beautiful women have played a part in making Brazil’s sex trade to thrive. I recommend you book a flight to Rio De Janeiro ASAP.


Last but not least in Spain. For starters, vice crime is legal in the country, making it a leading sex tourism destinations.  The red light district in Madrid interlocks with other streets which makes sex easy to access. Barcelona is also a prominent tourist attraction. Perhaps surprisingly, a good number of the sex workers in Spain come from South America, from where they are shipped in as slaves. That notwithstanding, a trip to the Spain would be worth your money.

So there you have it. Visit any of the above destinations, and you will not forget the experience anytime soon.

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