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The Triumph Of Paradise Long

Paradise Long emails:

Hey Now, My name is Paradise Long and yes one of the new Long girls. Well I have to tell you guys, first how I met Donny. I was on the internet looking for an agent/ work and I came acrossed his article, agents and the power of their pimp hands. Read the article and realized that the similer thing was happing to me. I was brand spanking new and people were fucking me over left and right. Well I sent him an e-mail and said” Hey Donny my name is so and so and iv’e been getting fucked also. If at all possible I would love to met with you to talk about this.” He said” Sure come down and we will see what we can do.” So I drive 2 hours away to met with him, and we talked. Well he took yet another chance on another girl. (DONNY THANK YOU FOR NOT JUST TURRNING ME AWAY LOVE YOU FOR THAT) Well, he showed me the ropes, what dp, bbg, gga, ect……and what thay ment. Showed me agents, directors, performers, and got me my first scene.


Well let me tell you about my scene ……. Yes, it was with Donny it was a great scene. I had so much fun. (Donny is a great performer!!!!!!) I did a b/g/a I have done anel in my personal life but never with anyone that big!! He was great, didn’t hurt or tear me. No We did the scene, and the director said it was one of the best first anels scenes that he has seen. Of course you got the pop shot on the face, yuuuum you got to love that to be in the bizz right girls…. lol. I had a great time. And can not wait for more. Love all you guys have fun and stay good and I will diffinently keep you posted.

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