The truth about Ava Taylor of Hot Girls Wanted … what she’s really doing now — Exclusive interview!!

If you watched the amateur porn documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted”, you might be wondering whatever happened to Ava Taylor, the adorable nerdy brunette who had an amazingly rocking body.

In fact, Ava Taylor is more than just another pretty girl – she’s the kind of girl that all those 90’s teen movies were made about. She’s a geeky girl who can take off her glasses and magically be hot as fuck.

Ava Taylor - Hot Girls Wanted

Ava Taylor

A couple weeks ago, another writer here on Mike South reported on a twitter account (@ava_taylor_xxx) that he thought belonged to her. The twitter timeline had a series of tweets about recruiting new talent for Hussie Models.

This seemed odd considering when Hot Girls Wanted aired Ava Taylor said she was done with porn and wanted to make it clear she wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the industry at all.

While I agree the twitter account in question seems legit, with selfies and all, it turns out the account was in fact a really good fake.

Ava Taylor’s real twitter is @myrealnamerachl.

Some person create a fake account (@ava_taylor_xxx) using photos from her real twitter account, and screenshots from her personal Snapchat.

I decided to have a little chat with Ava Taylor and get to the bottom of this. I wanted to know the truth, once and for all.

She has no idea who is pretending to be her. Here is the audio of her telling me just that.

Next she wanted to make it know that she is not in the porn industry and hasn’t been in a scene in a long time.

I know that there are a few recent movies floating around out there so I decided to make some calls. With each movie made that is a production sheet that goes with all the model releases and 2257 documentation.

Her latest movie was released in 2017 but it’s a compilation of scenes so those could have been filmed anytime in the last 5 years.

Next there was a movie called Lust Treatment by a company called Fantasy Massage. It says it was produced in 2016 but I didn’t know anyone at that company so I couldn’t call to check.

The next one released was from Red Light District. As luck would have it, I did know someone from there and made some phone calls. He remembered her right off and said she filmed that scene in either in early 2016 or late 2015.

This matches with what Ava Taylor had said herself.

She was in another movie from Red Light District that was released on May 23, 2016. I asked about the film date on that and he said it was in mid to late 2015.

So it looks like maybe Ava Taylor is telling the truth – she did in fact leave porn in 2015, even if the last few scenes she filmed din’t get released until 2016 – one as late as November 22, 2016.

Today, it’s unusual for a studio to sit on a scene for so long before releasing it but it’s not exactly unheard of.

During our talk I also asked her about why she left porn. There were varied accounts as to why she left so I decided to ask her directly. Turns out the answer wasn’t anything like what I had heard. What she said was that Riley was new to the industry and working with her in Florida only. She didn’t really say it but hinted that he had really done all he could for her so she went to work in LA with John O’Bryne of East Coast Talent and found him to be a douche. She referenced a couple times about him ripping her off but she didn’t go into detail.

Someone suggested she sign with LA Direct Models since they were the biggest agency out there. She went and met with them and liked what she seen. She signed a 3 year contract with them on the spot and was really excited about her future.

Only after it happened Lisa Ann, who was her mentor at the time freaked out that Ava would have signed a deal with Derek (who Lisa Ann hated) and told Ava that she screwed herself and that if she did a single scene for him she would be blacklisted in the industry and never work again. Ava tried to get out of her contract with LA Direct but she wasn’t able to, so instead she just quit porn all together.

From the sounds of it, she was young and felt pressured by Lisa Ann and those around her and she didn’t know what to do so she just shut down and ran away. She didn’t seem to know what else to do.

She went back to her hometown, enrolled in school for photography and got a part time job at the mall making $11 an hour.

Next I asked her about the fake twitter account again (@ava_taylor_xxx) . I asked her if she thought it might be Riley Reynolds since he was the one person who benefited from the fake twitter account, using her name to recruit for Hussie Models. She agreed that it in fact might be him.

Also she mentioned there were more than a few fake Facebook pages using her name. She doesn’t have any Facebook page at all.

Ava Taylor’s real twitter is @myrealnamerachl.

In the end I found Ava Taylor to be a genuinely sweet girl who just wants to get on with her life and put her porn past behind her.  She gets that people are always going to judge her for what she did but she just wants people to know that porn was her past – she’s not in the adult industry anymore.

Ava Taylor said that she made 85 movies in 6 months (this was while she was in Florida) and after earning what she estimates to be about $85,000, only went home with $2,000 of it and even worse said she felt she had “nothing to live for”. That’s what porn is like in Florida and if nothing else you can take that one statement alone from Ava Taylor as a cautionary tale to avoid people like Hussie Models and John O’Bryne from East Coast Talent.

I can’t tell you how many girls reported similar things. They seem to make all this money but they don’t really get to keep much of it. So many times they are nickle and dimed to death with fees. How can a person make $85,000 in 6 months and only end up with $2,000 of it? That’s just crazy.

Well either way, Ava Taylor seems to be doing great no in her new life and for that I are happy for her.



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