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The Ultimate Guide to Dirty Talk [20+ Examples and 100% Proof] – 2019

Dirty talking is an easy way to turn anyone one on and that we have seen while flirting and talking dirty via messages and calls. The seductive words or voice of our partner are good enough to stimulate us, and therefore dirty talking has always been a dirty secret among couples.

However, many couples forget this secret when they meet in person as they feel shy to express their feelings in filthy language when they are in front of their loved ones. There is no need to be shy in front with the person who we share a bed with and the couples who realize this does not shy away while talking dirty during their lovemaking sessions. 

How to Drity talk with Your Partner

Dirty talk need not be abusive and full of filthy language as it can also be done by smart choice of words that would be arousing enough to encourage your partner. Some women prefer dirty talking while their partner pounds hard in them as it boosts his spirit and he continues ramming her with more passion and strength.

Today we are discussing the secrets that make dirty talking easy, comfortable and a lot of fun for couples who want to ignite a new spark in their relationship.

Rules When Talking Dirty

Break the Ice

Most people freeze at the thought of dirty talking. A zillion questions arise in their minds such was what if I go overboard, what if my partner think about me if I talk dirty, would he consider me a slut, should I ask him to talk dirty and much more.

These questions typically arise in the minds of both men and women but more so in the case of a woman. Therefore, they neglect this aspect and avoid raising the topic in front of their partner.

This also can be true sometimes when you talk filthy to your partner, and he or she feels that you are getting verbally offensive. Therefore, you must always be in your limits while talking dirty. Do not start by telling things like you are my bitch, and you are my slut etc. while talking dirty to her.

Start by telling safer things and increase the level slowly so that your partner gets used to it and she will raise the bar towards dirtier and naughtier things.

Maintain a “No List”

You can always discuss with your partner about those words which you find is crossing the line and similarly can always ask him or her about the words that he or she might not like hearing. Hitting a consensus will also help you when you say something overboard, and your partner doesn’t like it.

You can always say that this word was not mentioned on your block list and then you together can have a cute little fight over it. Just make sure to be truthful and even if you say something that was added by him or her in the “strict no list” accept your mistake quickly before things go out of hand.

Choose your words

Some words have a profound effect on your arousal whereas some of the words fail to create the magic.

For example, some couples use vagina, penis, nut sacks, etc. to describe the genitals of their partner whereas some people prefer slang words like dick, cock, pussy, cunt, balls, etc. when they talk about their partner’s genitals. Therefore it is better to tell your partner which words excite you more and which do not.

For example, some woman might like to hear, baby you are looking like a slut tonight while some women will get angry and even slap if her partner utters such words.

Being Funny is Allowed (Not All the Time)

Sometimes you may sound funny while dirty talking. Though sounding funny is not advisable while talking dirty sometimes it can make you both laugh and make the situation lighter which can encourage you both to try it more.

Remember that dirty talking cannot be perfected in a day some couples take a few weeks while some even master it over a few months.

Make it Your Secret Code

Most of the times we feel horny but having sex does not cross our mind because we are either too busy or too shy to take the initiative.

To make your partner remember that your lovemaking session is long overdue, you can use the dirty talking trick as your secret code to let him or her know that you are longing for sex. Now, many people will say how I will talk dirty when I am already shy.

The answer is simple; you both have already decided that it is going to be your secret code so saying it might puzzle him but he will remember quickly what you are thinking about and that will make things much easier after a couple of times.

It will also in a way meltdown your shyness gradually, and after a few weeks, you might start making love to your partner without asking permission!

How Some Couples “Dirty Talk”

Be inventive

The most important thing required to master the art of dirty talking is that you should try finding new lines and words that are kinkier and sultrier enough to entice your partner. You do not have to open an Oxford dictionary for that as you have to let your mind roam freely while you are having sex.

You can also read some intelligent phrases and horny lines from the sex blogs and magazines which are dedicated to dirty talking.

Also, you can refer those movies that have plenty of arousing dialogues or the porn movies that show a couple talking their way to sex. Hearing audio sex stories is also one of the methods to add ammunition to your factory of dirty talking.

This is to ensure that you do not hit your partner with the same old lines which you use every time. Remember that variety is the spice of life and the same rule follows when you are talking dirty to your partner.

Be patient

If you want your partner to start talking dirty to you, tell him or her before having sex. Make sure that you do not pressurise him or her to talk dirty as it is not “the most” important thing, but it is just to add a new spark to your sex lives.

Therefore, be patient if your partner is new to this and instead you can encourage your partner by saying that he was awesome or she is very good at dirty talking.

Talk in detail

Dirty talking need not be short and crispy every time. Some people like descriptive talking when it comes to talking filth. Therefore, instead of telling yes baby do it faster, you can say yes push your long dick in my tight ass.

Also, instead of saying that you are horny today you can say your big boobs is making me think of the coconuts of our tree.

Being descriptive while talking dirty will always arouse your partner more, and therefore you need to describe the things which make your partner hot in detail so that you both can reach at a higher level of arousal much easily.

Therefore, you can always tell that you love how her buttocks dance as you push your pecker in her from behind or the ladies can tell how they like to feel his dick deep inside them. Words like this will push them over the edge, and the result will be visible when they both explode spasmodically.

Use texts

It is always better to start by talking dirty through text messages. You can also message your partner if you want him or her to talk dirty while having sex if you are feeling shy to tell him or her in person.

Also, you can afford to take the risk of getting overboard while chatting as you will quickly get to know by their emoticons if they liked it or not. You can then plunge into dirty talks, and slowly you can take your dirty talking right on your bed while you both are having sex.

Give him/her orgasm through the phone

Though a tough task it is easy to talk your partner into an orgasm if he or she gets aroused and stimulated by your dirty talking. Therefore, you can get as much kinky and descriptive as you can get on the phone and see if that affects your partner negatively or positively.

You can use this experience while having sex as well. Talking dirty over the phone is a great way to sharpen your dirty talking skills as there is no one watching or hearing you when you talk over the phone.

Write a dirty note

One way to excite your partner is by writing a dirty note or letter right after having sex and leaving it under his or her pillow.

When they find this note under the pillow, they will be surprised, and when they read your dirty language and how the last night was satisfying in detail, it will certainly help in revamping their sexual energies.

Remember that the more dirty your note gets, the more fun he or she will have while reading it and it will also reflect how naughty your partner gets while having sex.

Using role play while talking dirty

Some people like to play master-slave while having sex and the relation can be translated into words while having sex. This will have a great effect on your sexual excitement as talking dirty is the perfect way for enhancing the pleasure of role play while making love.

For example, men can say, come to give me a lap dance or spread your thighs for me, or I will have to bend you by your back. Words like this will excite the hell out of her, and she will be an obedient slave to you all through the night.

Also, women who like to play the dominant role may say, come to clean my pussy with your tongue or I will have to punish you by pushing that candle straight into your asshole. Things like this are to excite your partner and to make them feel erotic during the sex making sessions.

Therefore, you have the liberty of going a little overboard when you are role-playing. The same goes for role plays such as you play a student and your partner playing a teacher or doctor-patient or any other kinky role play.

Do not try to sound sober

Dirty talking is mostly saying nasty and filthy things to each other but in a controlled manner. Therefore, you should never try to sound sober (you can act innocent) when you are indulging in a dirty conversation with your partner.

Sober individuals will say look how round and beautiful your buttock cheeks are looking, but legends will say submit your bouncy little ass to me. See the huge difference between the two lines, and you can judge which one sounds and feels kinkier.

  • Loving somebody is not just liking the nature of a person or getting impressed by their skills and hobbies. The most important thing is attraction which begins to fade away with time.

  • The lack of interest in your partner’s looks and appearances reflects while you are making love and leads to dissatisfaction on both sides.

  • Dirty talking ignites this lost spark and by praising your partner’s looks will actually help them psychology and this will also show in their confidence and passion for sex. All of these will not only reflect in your sex life, but it will also strengthen the bond shared between the two of you, and it will sustain the warmth and closeness of your relationship as well.

  • Talking dirty does not only mean that you are horny, but it also reflects how much you love and are attracted by your partner. Therefore, if dirty talking is done properly and in an eventful manner, it can take your relationship to a whole new level.

  • We have seen that most of the times we feel horny, but we do not feel as much pleasure as we used to have earlier in our teens. The reason for this is the lack of sexual tension or stress as you are already exposed to different ways of making sex. Dirty talking can build your imagination and naturally increases the sexual tension you feel during the sex. This results in improved vigour and strength which also increases your stamina and capacity to control your urges to enjoy for a longer period.

  • The roots of sex lie in your brain, and it is the brain that imagines and stimulates your sexual urges. Dirty talking stimulates your brain and wakes up the kinky side of it to excite and arouse you to the core. This has a positive effect on your sexual energies, and all your lost sexual prowess keeps coming back to you.

  • The comfort shared between you two while talking dirty will improve your sex relation and that will also make your sex lives more satiating.

  • People who do not speak or even utter a word during the lovemaking sessions are more prone to stress and anxiety as their sexual relations get worse day by day. Exchange of dirty words or sentences between you and your partner helps in establishing communication during once again which brings positivity into your relationship as well.

  • Now that we have understood the benefits of talking dirty let us look at some horny and kinky sentences that are perfect to spice up your sex life.

What should I say before having sex?

These are the things that you can say before having sex. These lines act as a seductive invitation, and your partner will not be able to resist his/her urges after hearing them.

Lines that can be used by “her”:

  • I need to see how much you have improved in bed.

  • Are you busy right now or should I use my dildo tonight? (Meant to tease him)

  • Can you drive fast or I will have to sit on your dick right now.

  • I want you to make me your slut tonight.

  • I cannot wait till we get on the bed.

Lines that be used by “him”:

  • I will make you scream in pain tonight.

  • Will you be my mistress tonight? (for men who like to be submissive)

  • Your pussy smells sweet can I taste it once?

  • I get hard by looking at your juicy tits.

  • I feel like banging you as your ass wriggles while walking.

  • I want to see what you have hidden inside your clothes.

  • Do not expect me to go slow tonight.

  • Wish I could meet you in the afternoon and have sex.

  • Will you accompany me in the shower right now?

Lines that can be used by her while having sex:

  • Do not stop baby.

  • Go harder.

  • Do it fast.

  • I want you to give me a baby right now (Works for married couples).

  • Bang me deep.

  • Plough your tool deep inside.

  • Cum inside me.

  • Your dick is getting so hard.

  • Do not stop until I cum.

Lines that can be used by him while having sex:

  • You have teased me the whole day now don’t expect me to be gentle.

  • You were asking for it, weren’t you?

  • You are my naughty little girl.

  • Don’t ask me to stop tonight.

  • I love when your booty shakes, so I spank it harder.

Lines that you be used by both after sex:

  • Oh, that was so amazing.

  • Can we do it once again?

  • When shall we begin round 2?

  • I want to sleep with your/my dick inside me/you.

  • I wish we do it all the time.

  • I will remember this in the office tomorrow.

  • Darling, you are so good in bed.

  • I can still smell my scent on you (a line that can be used in the morning).

Conclusive Thoughts

These were some amazing techniques and lines that you can follow if your partner wants you to talk dirty to him/her. It is natural for anyone to get nervous if they haven’t tried it before and so do not get disheartened if you fail to do it effectively the first couple of times.

You will gradually master it once you do it regularly. Most of the times we say some harsh words unknowingly while dirty talking and even if your partner does not express it he/she might feel bad about it later. So it is always recommendable to say sorry after having sex so that it does not stay with them.

Also, do not forget to tell how much you love them and you can whisper it in their ears to make them feel better while or after having sex. Hope that you found this article useful and if you have any other suggestions you can tell us without hesitating.

We would also like to hear some crazy lines that your partner has used to turn you on over the years. Enjoy dirty talking and make it steamier and kinkier with your awesome imagination!

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