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The Winner is…. Rog’s Awards Fan Faves: The Winners

Jenna Haze Three-Peats

After four weeks of voting, the highest voter turnout so far
and some of the closest races we have ever seen, the 2008 Fan Faves voting is over. It was quite a year
for tight races, but in the end I could have ordered
duplicate trophies from last year and been fine on just
about every race. It was another huge year for Jules Jordan
and Jenna Haze. Jules took home his 9th Best Director Awards
(Of the 11 given out) and Jules Jordan Video walked away
with a second consecutive Favorite Company trophy. Jenna
became the first three-time winner in the Best Female
category, completing a three-peat in fine style.

Though many of the races ended up the same we also had three
of the closest races ever. Favorite company was decided by
less than a half dozen votes while Digital Playground’s
Stoya beat Tori Black for Best Newbie by a single vote.

Congratulations to the winners and all of the finalists.
Thank you to everyone who voted and I look forward to an
even bigger year.

2008 Fan Faves Results

Most Wanted Celebrity

Meagan Fox is a new name for this poll. She scored a big win
over a trio of women who all came in at around 20%. With 36%
of the vote Megan is the girl we all want to see slip over
to the dark side and do porn. Somehow I don’t think we
would complain if the others, Scarlett Johansen, Kierra
Knightly or Jessica Beil were to beat Ms. Fox to the blue
screen. As always, I look forward to giving Meagan her
trophy. If anyone has her number tell her to give me a call.
(I think this will go on the shelf with all of the Britney
Spears trophies and the other unclaimed celebrity stuff.)

Favorite Company: Jules Jordan Video took the title from
Evil Angel last year and was in a very tight race this year.
Evil still scored well with a quarter of the vote, but
Digital Playground very nearly took the title from JJV. With
just a handful of votes separating first and second this
race would easily have triggered a recount in any state. No
word yet on whether or not George Soros is going to step in
on behalf of DP and demand a recount. It makes sense that
these two companies would slug it out since all four Best
Movie titles were put out by either JJV or DP.

Best Movie: Three DP movies (2 plus a Hand Held) and one
from Jules battled it out here. Pirates 2 took down Lex the
Impaler 3 with Cheerleaders pulling into third place with an
impressive vote total. Features did well this year and I’m
sure DP has a whole wing dedicated to trophies they expect
to win for Pirates 2.

Best Director: As he has for the last nine years, Jules
Jordan won the award going away. This year Robby D and
Belldonna held Jules to under 50%, but he still scored more
than the next two contenders combined. Chris Streams came in
a distant second. If Jules wins this thing again next year I
will just have to call the thing the Jules Jordan Best
Director Awards. Either that or we can just leave him out
and give a trophy to the person who finishes second. We can
call the new category Best Director Not Named Jules Jordan.

Best Male Performer: Manuel Ferrara won a second consecutive
Best Male trophy in a very tight three-way race with Evan
Stone and Lexington Steels. James Deen had scored very well
in earlier rounds but came in a distant fourth. The race was
tight for most of the week with only a handful of votes
separating Evan, Manuel and Lex. As the frontrunners pulled
away Evan and Manuel went back and forth during the final
days. The final margin of victory was less than one percent
in what was only the third closest race of the year.

Best Newbie: If not for a tie a few years back in the Best
Male category, the 2008 battle for Best Newbie would have
been the closest ever. With Gabriella Fox and Adrenalynn
dropping out of the race mid-week, it became a two girl
sprint to the finish. Digital Playground’s Stoya had the
lead for a while, but then lost it in the final day to
ultra-cute Tori Black. The race was tied late in the day
yesterday after I cast my ballot. The final vote was cast
sometime in the final hour giving Stoya the slimmest of

Best Female Performer: No drama here. Jenna Haze has been
averaging close to 50% in every round and she came very
close to that in the finals. (48.3%) Jesse Jane finished a
distant second yet again this year with Sasha Grey coming in
third. Teagan scored 12% after coming on strong in recent
rounds. Jenna is the first woman to win three of these.
(Only Serenity has more than one) Congratulations Jenna and
frankly if this isn’t the first of about a dozen awards
for you this year I will be shocked and stunned. She had a
major year and is easily the stand out girl of 2008.

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