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The World Needs Your Sperm

The World Needs Your Sperm

I bet you never thought the day would cum where there would be a sperm shortage. The truth is, a global sperm shortage is a reality that’s happening now. In the past few years there have been such an increase in demand as more women and couples are visiting fertility clinics than ever before. that they are unable to keep up with the huge demand for sperm.

In the UK, the British government set up a sperm bank but even with a considerable number of men offering their little swimmers their supply still could not meet the demand. The UK is not the only place that is short on sperm. The U.S., New Zealand, China and Israel have also not been able to keep up with the high demand.

Single women make up 50% of the sperm demand but it has been said that within the next 5 years that single women will account for up to 70% of the demand for sperm at sperm banks.

With a culture of men watching porn and masturbating everyday it seems like it would be easy but there is a lot that goes into donating sperm. You have to be willing to visit the fertility clinic two times a week for a period of time as well as abstain from drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex while donating sperm.

In many countries sperm donors are not always anonymous and you have to deal with the potential emotional tie or having to take a role later in the child’s life. Regulations vary from country to country and this has become a notable hurdle especially in the UK. The initial acceptance phase can also be lengthy. The process isn’t as “in and out” as many would like it to be and this is also contributing to the shortage.

In contrast, some countries are producing a surplus of sperm and jizz has become an export. The most notable producer in the world is Denmark. Danish company, Cryos International has emerged as a leader in the industry. They allow people to look for sperm based on ethnicity, hair and eye color along with other attributes. Unfortunately there isn’t great diversity and most donors have blonde hair and blue eyes.

So what we’re trying to say here is if you’re already spending time jacking off on our site you might as well donate some sperm. We suggest a partnership between PORN.COM and Cryos international or other fertility specialists to help meet demand. With that in mind, below is a selection of videos that will test your swimmers and get your “creative” juices flowing!

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Want to help the world and it’s need for more sperm? Share, comment and give this serious issue the attention it deserves.

The World Needs Your Sperm! Step up and do your part today!

World Sperm Shortage

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