The World’s Oldest Pornstar Reveals All

Who do you think is the world’s oldest pornstar? Might it be some classic stars who have been in the biz for decades like Ron Jeremy or Nina Hartley? No, they are far too sassy to be the absolute oldest. The oldest pornstar is actually a guy from Japan named Shigeo Tokuda who is 82 years old. He only got into the porn business when he turned 70, but so far he has had a pretty good career. He has been in about 60 movies every year that he has been in the biz, and he says that his stamina and longevity is partially due to the fact that he eats eggs every single day, including his favorite dish which is a raw egg over steamed rice. Well, I’m going to the store to get some eggs now…

Shigeo started out life as a guy who worked on certain types of gaming machines after he went to college. Then he worked at a travel agency. He watched his first porn movie in 1974, which is quite late in life considering that he was born in 1934! He watched it at a hotel while traveling for work. After he saw it, he became fascinated with the biz because he thought it would be fun to star in some porn movies. It took him a while to gather the courage and now he has been at it for at least 13 years. Mr. Tokuda is still a traditional kind of guy. He says that he compliments the pornstars before the shooting stars, and that he always tells her what part of her he likes the best, and has genuine interest in each star.

Sure, as an 82 year old guy, long porn shoots do take a lot of his energy, but Shigeo has a theory that people’s sex drives only fade away because they become hard (no pun intended) and forget about what’s important in life. They don’t take as good care of their bodies, they don’t take interest in other people as much, and they become focused on making a life for themselves. He is in mostly JAV (Japanese Adult Video), so if you look up that term or simply Japanese you are sure to find him on some of the top sites of that genre. He is great at making girls squirm and scream with pleasure from his cock which is still virile after all of this time!

Clearly Mr. Tokuda is living a good life and you can too as long as you eat eggs (I guess) and compliment chicks. I hope I can be this lucky in life, although I am already pretty lucky in that I spend all my time watching porn and reviewing porn sites for horny fuckers like you.

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