The World’s Sexiest Dungeons

BDSM is sexy and it’s only becoming more and more popular, especially with films like 50 Shades of Grey coming out (but we’re not going to comment any further on that). So, today, we’re going to give you three sexy dungeons that you can go to. They have all works, and it’s so much better than your at-home basement dungeon.

Sanctuary in Los Angeles

They allow you to book a session, or to rent a room for yourself. They have professional dominatrices and submissive ladies standing by that have been trained on site. You even have the option to stay overnight, if there is nothing in your area and you want to plan a trip. They have a tickle room as well as all the whips and chains that you could ever need. You can even pay for extras such as extra girls, heavy caning, or wrestling.

Hoxton Dungeon Suite in Hoxton, London

It’s like a hotel room but much naughtier, and it definitely caters to latex fantasies with rubber costumes, body bags, and hoods. They have everything from clamps to crosses, violet wands, vac bed, inhaler sets, and sex toys of every kind. Dominatrices from all over Europe come to play.

Dungeon Toronto, Toronto

In a real 100 year old dungeon, this place has the perfect setting for all of your BDSM fantasies! It looks like a castle, and comes with costumes, canes, crops, floggers, and of course: a St. Andrew’s Cross! They have a directory of dominatrices and submissives that you can call on to help. Oh, and it’s also available as a movie set for horror movies.

Let’s bust out the latex and whips now, because we’re feeling sexy.

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