[email protected] @1MorganBailey Talk to VICE about Adult Time Removing Transphobic Labels

Trans adult superstars Morgan Bailey and Mia Isabella recently spoke with Vice reporter Diana Tourjée about premium porn site, Adult Time’s announcement on National Trans Visibility Day, that they are removing all transphobic labels from all of their titles.

The site, which describes as the “Netflix of porn,” streams premium adult content, and was created by porn pioneer Bree Mills. “Since many people turn to porn as a way to explore their kinks, fantasies, and questions about sexuality, we have an opportunity to educate while we entertain,” Mills said. “This is something that Adult Time sees as a responsibility. We want to do porn differently.”

Trans porn star Morgan Bailey told Vice that, while this is a positive change, she doesn’t believe it should be celebrated, “because it’s necessary, and frankly long overdue.” She echoed the idea that what people see in pornography is reproduced in the real world. “Porn is media, a huge portion of what we read and watch, we regurgitate later. Let’s all do our part to promote a healthier and safe world to live and fuck in.” 

“Finally deciding it benefits a company enough to change transphobic titles and web domains doesn’t make [Adult Time or Gamma] revolutionary. It makes them late,” Isabella said. “You want to have the respect and admiration that comes with creative change? Empower your performers and your companies to work within our community. Instead of paying thousands for an award show table and for PR, invest in trans people so we can help change the lives for the next generation of us.”

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