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There are two sides to every story … including a story about #rape

I’ve been in the adult industry since August of 1996. In that time I’ve heard many many many many stories. Some of them are so fucked up they will make your skin crawl. Others you can’t help but wonder how they could possibly be true. I’m not going to use names in this post because it’s not my intent to start a pissing match. But I need to share some of these stories with you to understand my point.

While in some cases the rape story may be true, it isn’t always and it is the times girls use it to falsely accuse someone or throw around such words to get their way, that actually hurt the girls who really were abused because now people question if their story was true.

The My Agent Raped Me Story

This is a story by a girl who wanted to leave her current agent. She claims he isn’t doing anything to get her work. Now I happen to keep all my emails. Hell I still have my emails from 10 years ago. Part of that includes those little email blasts to producers because I also make movies sometimes and so I did a search for her name. In fact her agent has promoted her to producers trying to book her work 3 times in the previous 3 weeks. So right off the bat I was a little suspicious of anything this girl had to say about her agent.

So when she said well to be honest I want to leave my agent because he raped me, I wasn’t quite sure if she was telling the truth but as a female I had to hear her out … because what if what she was saying really was true?

Obviously those are big words and not something to be thrown around lightly so I asked her to explain. She went on to detail how she thought she was going for a paid b/g shoot and when she showed up it turned out it was an anal interracial with her agent and how he “made” her have sex with him.

I was horrified hearing this story but even more horrified to learn that the story probably wasn’t all that true. What the girl neglected to mention was that she would go on to work with the male talent in question at least one more time on another day and text him asking him to book her for another scene together on another case. If a guy raped you, why would you work with him again and text him asking you to book him for a third scene?

Under pressure she later admitted the story wasn’t exactly true and it didn’t happen as she had originally indicated. In fact what really happened was she was pissed that he “tricked” her into an interracial scene and she felt he didn’t pay her enough for that scene since it was an interracial anal and not just a normal b/g.

He didn’t RAPE her. She fully consented to the scene. This chick just flat out fucking lied.

The Content Trade Rape Story

This is a story about a girl new to porn who did a content trade for a couple running a clips for sale website. The girl who was doing the scene did one with a very well known male porn star but they also had sex off camera. Her version of the story was that the male talent “made” her do it.

I said wait a minute … this guy made you have sex with him off camera without your consent? He forced himself on you? That’s a very serious allegation. You are saying he raped you. Her response … “well he did”.

I asked her to be specific. I wanted to know the whole story. She went on to tell me (and others) that as soon as she got there he told her to bend over and he bent her over and started fucking her. He was really mean to her. He choked her. She said she would never work with him again and that’s he is on her no list but she wasn’t willing to discuss it with the authorities.

Later on she was quoted as having said the male talent in question was hot – probably one of the hottest in the industry. This of course is the very guy she claimed forced her to have non-consensual sex with him off camera and traumatized her so badly that she almost left the industry all together.

This very same girl would later go on to tell stories about every person she met. Her publicist got all fucked up at an industry Halloween party and tried to force himself on her but thankfully he had “coke dick” (her words not mine) and couldn’t get it up so he couldn’t rape her. And that is just a few of the stories this crazy bitch has told people.

Originally I had planned on outlining like 10 stories of this nature. But after I got done these two, I pretty much realized, I think I made my point. That just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true. Then again, just because someone says something also doesn’t make it not true. The point is, we live in a crazy fucked up world.

And we need to be careful about what we say because those words can have serious ramifications. If you are going to accuse someone of rape … this means that they forced you to have sex with them after you said no, then it damn well better be true.

Because if you lie about something so fucking serious, you hurt all the women out there who were in fact raped or abused and now are afraid to go anyone for help because so many others fucking lie out their asses.

Part of me, the really bitchy part of me wants to out these girls who do lie about rape but then I’m no better than they are. I wished I had the answer. I wished I knew what to do about these girls who are doing this but quite honestly I just don’t know. I welcome your suggestions though, I really do.




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