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[email protected] Up for Pornhub’s Viewer’s Choice Halloween Contest with The Step Witch Project


It’s election time, and Siri Dahl is up for Pornhub’s Viewer’s Choice Halloween Contest this year with her scary parody scene, The Step Witch Project, co-starring Robby Echo.

Dahl has posted the new scene – a frightfully fun take on the ‘90s cult favorite The Blair Witch Project – exclusively to Pornhub in the hopes of winning the contest, which ends on Halloween Eve, Saturday, October 31st.

“This was such a fun, collaborative project to make with Robby. Anyone who enjoys the original Blair Witch Project will get a kick out of our silly, campy nod to the classic found-footage horror movie,” says Dahl. “Also, I would just like my fans to know that while I did suck a man’s soul out through his dick, no porn stars were harmed in the making of this film.”

In the week the video has been up on the Pornhub site, Dahl and Echo’s family relations taboo scene – where Spooky Siri seduces Apple Boy Echo – has clocked more than 60,000 views and ranked 11th place in the contest overall. Dahl is asking for fans’ votes this week in order to seal the deal on the top prize, $3,000 in cash.

“I sincerely hope the energy I put into pushing the envelope of the step-relations genre will expand the consciousness of all my brothers and sisters of Earth, inspiring them to be happier, healthier and more loving for all our benefit,” says Echo of the Project. “One Family, One Earth, One Love.”

Pornhub members are eligible to cast one free vote to help her take the prize, but can also help support Dahl’s Step Witch Project with their paid votes through the site, which goes towards free video vouchers for the content of their choice.

Writer/director Shawn Alff, who appears in a cameo, added that “out of all the award-winning step-relations films I’ve worked on this year, this is the first to feature a step witch. I don’t know exactly what a step witch is, but I’ve heard she has 12 vaginas, much like a dolphin.”

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