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There’s a New Hottie in Town!~ Melina Mason- Exclusive SEXY Interview

NL-Melina is currently doing g/g scenes and is a relative newcomer to the industry. She can be booked through LA Direct I met her a couple days ago on twitter and I am already impressed with her professionalism, and her sweetness.


1 Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m 21 years old, grew up in New York now living in New Jersey.  I was the badass in high school, I never gave a fuck.  I attended college for 2 years in NYC as an advertising major. I enjoy sex, music, fine art and freedom. I love to host dinner parties, shop for makeup and shoes and spend long days at the spa.. I ‘m drawn to all things nautical, I even have a license to drive a boat. I also enjoy traveling, its thrilling to meet new people and be in strange places.

2 What was the first porn film you saw and what do you like to watch now? Do you ever watch yourself?
I wish I knew what it was called. It was a porn on t.v with two lesbians having sex in a graveyard. It was so hot I knew I wanted to be like that the moment I saw it. My tastes in pornography are ever changing but right now I’ve been enjoying straight sex gonzo scenes, and squirting scenes. I have watched myself fuck before but only to study my movements and to review my performance. Although maybe once or twice I have been turned on by myself lol

3 What do you remember about your first time with another women?
I remember it was right after school, and I was with my friend in her bedroom. We were supposed to do our homework but we played dress up instead. After we dressed up like princesses I took her to the bed and said “you be the girl and I’ll be the boy”. lol it felt so natural, like I really knew what I was doing. I did everything to her.

4 What’s your favourite part of your body and what’s your favourite part of other women’s bodies?
My face, I think I look pretty even without makeup on, so I am grateful for that.  On a woman I generally go for the boobs but if she doesn’t have any boobs I will just admire her best asset.

5 What do you like doing to another woman and what do you like best to have done to you when making love?
I love to suck pussy and tongue fuck a woman while I squeeze her tits. I get pleasure from her pleasure so I always want to do what she likes best.

6 What’s your favourite sex toy and why?
I have this purple vibrating dildo that I have had for years. I’ve held onto it because its got a powerful vibration and its a good length and thickness. Its pretty much all I need to get off.

7 You’ve worked with What’s your favourite fetish and which others would you like to try? Do you have limits?
 I like bondage, being tied down and fucked mercilessly is always fun. Role play is hot too, I love the authority figure types of roleplay, like teacher/student. I want to explore sex machines like the Sybian. I do have limits but I can adjust those limits depending on how experienced the domme is.

8 You started doing photo shoots at a very young age. You worked with Suicide Girls and have been shot by Ellen Stagg. Will modeling continue to play an important role in your career and are there photographers you’d really like to work with?
Yeah, I have modeled since I was a child. Modeling is really important to me and I love it so much that I have even worked for free just for an opportunity to work with the best. So far my favorite photographers are Bob Coulter, Steve Prue and Ellen Stagg, they see something in their subjects that others do not. I really would love to work with Tammy Sands and Holly Randall in the future.

9.What was it like doing a scene with sexual dynamo Lily Cade? Do you know when it will be released? 
Lilly Cade really is an inspiration. I can’t say enough great things about her as a person. As for the sex, she blew my mind. I was almost crying after I came because it was so amazing. She made me cum so hard I was like just laying there on the bed paralyzed in ecstasy. Everyone kept asking me if  I was okay lol. I think that movie will be out before this January, but I’m not certain on the exact day of release.

10 Which companies and directors are at the top of your list to work with and why?
I really want to work for Digital Playground, Vivid, Wicked, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Penthouse and Girlfriends Films (the list goes on). They are the best. I only want to work with the most professional companies and the most talented directors. I want to be a part of something bigger then myself.

11 If you had to choose 5 female performers to work with who would they be?
Dani Daniels, Jessie Andrews, Jelena Jenson, Justine Joli and Mandy Morbid. Besides the fact that all of these women are stunning, they are all talented and really seem to enjoy girls. I have the best time when a girl is truly lesbian or bi.

12 Story driven porn is now very popular. How would you feel about having to learn lines?
  I prefer to be in movies with a plot and lines. I’ve been in 3 movies so far where I had to learn lines, I like the challenge. I also think a plot gets the audience emotionally involved with the movie, rather then just horny.

13 Tattoos and boob jobs have become a no no with certain companies. Are you worried that they might restrict your chances of getting work and how would you reply to critics of tats and boob jobs?
Yes, I am worried I won’t be able to work for some of my favorite companies. When I was getting tattooed my main goal was to enhance my body with artwork, not to over power and distract from the rest of me. Same thing with my implants, they are an enhancement, and a very successful one I might add. I feel that even though my look may not be the ideal , it certainly can be appreciated by many and I have never felt more confident. If I didn’t have my ink or implants I would feel less confident and perhaps my performances would suffer. I’m hoping producers will be able to see that I am good at what I do and will be able to make an exception for me.

14 How do you see your career developing over the next year? Will you move to California? Will you be buying the house to do up? 
I think my career will take off in the next year. I’ve always gotten great feedback from every company I have worked with so far, and I have even been compared to Jenna Jameson on more then one occasion.  I’ll do whats best for my career and if  that means living on the west coast so be it. I want to buy a home but I’m not sure where yet.

15 If you later became a writer/director what sort of films would you like to make? 
I have already written a few stories, I’m just saving them until I have the chance to direct. Directing is a dream of mine. I want to share my perversions with the world. What I have written so far is all boy/girl related, I suppose it could be altered to g/g or gay actors as well. As long as the masculine and feminine roles are clearly established.

16 Can you tell readers a little about your different sites?
I have two websites, one is . Its a free website where you can see my bio, blog and everything else I do in the industry. My paysite is . Its sort of a collection of videos I make at home, some date back to when I was 18 and some feature men. It’s only place to see my b/g scenes.

17 How can people contact you?
Lots of ways, but the easiest way to connect with me is through twitter (@melina_mason). I’m a twitter fiend!

Melina Mason

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