These Are My Thoughts

When we first started, we did it for the love of porn. We are still doing it for the love of porn, even if people could think otherwise. Let me share with you my thoughts –

The porn industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and let’s face it, we all love sex and anything related to that. The adult entertainment will give you sex and lots of it. We all have our own desires, fantasies, fetishes, our own way to interact when sex is in the air and, of course, our own preferences when it comes to women. You can like MILFs with big gorgeous breasts or you can like the ones with saggy tits. Or maybe you have a special desire to see barely legal teens, 18-19 years old, looking exactly like the ones that you see on the street when you go to work.

My idea is that, if we have 10 porn enthusiasts, we have 10 different tastes in the matter. And all these 10 fans will ride the Google train in order to find what they are looking for. Every single day they will learn new keywords and they will use it to reach to that porn that will tickle their senses. And because of that, I decided to build this porn directory – to make you have an amazing porn experiences without the bother of looking for it. And because I have so much experience when it comes to porn, the list became pretty damn good – you can always count on it.

From Top Porn Tube Sites to Top Premium Sites, from Top Amateur Porn Sites to Amateur Premium Sites, from Top Arab Porn Tube Sites to Best Celebrity Blogs and from Hentai Porn to Top Fetish Porn Tube Sites, I have arranged a list filled with ONLY the best porn destinations that can be found on the world wide web. At this moment, I share over 750 porn websites with you and, as you already understood, all sites are sorted by quality.

The days when you had to look for porn using keywords to provide results on search engines like Google, are over. Now you have my porn index, the one and only place where you will find all the things you are looking for, no matter what your dirty mind wants. Trust me on this, I am ThePornDude.

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