These are the most painful sex positions for men and women

There are hundreds of styles when it comes to sex, although many couples end up trying about five. But it is not all about having that wild sex. Different people have their preferred sex positions, and others are deemed too painful even to contemplate. Some go ahead and try them anyway. To start with, thrusting in the wrong position can cause a fracture to an erect penis and clearly, getting wild between the sheets is not without its fair share of challenges.

Sex injuries can be hard to bear, especially if it involves a broken penis. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who had met someone with a sex injurypⁿ~0ⁿ, Considering most of these injuries are brought about by rough and vigorous sex, taking it down two notches would be a perfect place to start.

So, what are some of the most painful positions for both men and women?  ThePornDude finds out.

Doggy style

Who would have thought that the oldie but a goldie doggie style is actually a painful style? Well, according to medical experts, the main issue is the man is ramming into his partner’s cervix, which is not nearly as hot as many people tend to think. Another thing, if as the man you are entirely removing yourself and then re-entering, it harms her chances of staying lubricated, the effects of which are well known.

Either way, many women do not find this style intimate enough. Sex to women is a way of connecting with their sexual partner and although the man will have a good time admiring her backside, the view of the bed while she is on all fours is not exactly the most enticing she will see in her life.

Tip: keep your thrusts short and shallow if you insist on this style. It will stimulate the front third of her vagina. Avoid deep and fast thrusts. Thank me later.

Girl on Top

Another one that goes into the danger list is the girl on top style. This one is popular among both men and women as it kind of puts the women in the driving seat (quite literally). Dudes, this is one style you need to be wary of. Many men have fractured their member when trying out this style.

Just like the reverse cowgirl, it’s the woman controlling the pressure and penetration. If she shifts her weight in the wrong direction or even comes down too hard on the penis, there is every risk of a fractured member. Even the very thought of it will make many men cringe and justifiably so.

Reverse cowgirl

First of all, it’s hard for a woman to reach orgasm in this style. While the style may seem hot and adventurous and what have you, it may have detrimental effects on men especially. How so? Well, it all comes down to the curvature of your penis, which doesn’t coincide with the angle of the vagina. In any case, bending the penis at the base may be not only uncomfortable for her but also dangerous for your dick.  In short, you may suffer a penis fracture, leaving year member bent and swollen. Some bloke in China found this out the hard way when he was left with a broken willy. Now that’s some scary shit right there!


This goes without saying. If you are not using any kind of lube, anal sex is going to be painful for both men and women. You see, the anus is not like the vagina that self-lubricates. According to one sex and relationship therapist, “if the guy doesn’t open her second sphincter properly, it can hurt.” Don’t even think for a second that spit will cut it. Anal from behind is even worse because it also removes the intimacy that so crucial in sex.

Missionary on the floor

Many people feel that the missionary position is plain boring, but it is actually quite intimate and satisfying for the woman especially if you maximize clitoral stimulation. Many couples who just can’t get enough of each other end up doing this style on the floor. You might want to think twice about that. Grinding a woman on the floor may make her uncomfortable faster than a snowball can melt in hell. If you insist on this style, at least make sure you have a good shag carpet or at least a blanket; otherwise your lady might not want to stay down there for too long.


This style looks great on TV and is a symbol of passion and sexual prowess. It’s, however, more difficult to pull off in real life. To start with, there is an obvious strain on the man, and it doesn’t matter how good you think your balance is, standing position has caused an injury of sorts to many men. Many guys also have a problem climaxing while vertical. The woman also struggles with this position although that might depend on the kind of support she is getting. Ultimately, it is difficult to enjoy sex when one partner is struggling with staying aloft.


You are likely to have a sex injury of sorts when you try the above positions, especially if not done correctly. It might make a funny story, but still, be careful out there.

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