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They All Look The Same to Erika Icon #TheRubPr #BLM #WokeTRPWL

I have a good friend who writes 30-50 PRs a month, every single one of them is repeatedly reviewed for mistakes before being sent out. On the off chance there’s something wrong, it’s immediately corrected via email, then he logs into every site and fixes whatever issue there is. That’s what any reputable publicist does…

You have the reputable ones, and you have the Erika Icon’s and James Bartholet’s. Only in it for the money.

Yesterday Erika sent out a PR for Liv Revamped. Below is a paragraph from the press release:

Liv Revamped has scored the cover of Elegant Angel’s Club Elite 5, along with Kayla Kayden and Lana Violet. Liv and the ladies are dressed in their best lingerie and posing by the pool. Club Elite is one of Elegant’s most popular series, and this is the first installment since 2020. The all-anal and interracial edition has Liv starring in an unforgettable scene with Sean Michaels. Directed by LT, Club Elite 5 also stars Jillian Janson, Kayla Kayden, and Lana Violet. It’s available on DVD, and the trailer can be viewed at

Only problem with that is, Sean Michaels isn’t in the movie. However according to Erika, the scene was ‘unforgettable”, so much in fact, that racist Erika confuses popular director/performer LT with HOF’er Sean Michaels.

Lets do a comparison:

Here is Sean Michaels:

And LT:

I guess if you refer to African American talent as “coloreds” maybe you would confuse the 2. I wouldn’t, but then I’m not a racist nut.

And you know the great thing about Adult Empire is they list the cast;

Pretty sure I don’t see Sean’s name listed anywhere.  I have to wonder if the client even read the PR?  How does that get by the proof? Then it calls into question whether or not Erika even watched the trailer? She must have, she said the scene was unforgettable. Reminds me of that time James Bartholet pretended to be a girl and did a whole interview. I dare you to read this, and not want to make fun of James, to his face.

Here we are a day later and that glaring mistake is still up across the web.

What’s next for Erika, refusing to give up her seat on the bus? Moving to Mississippi and starting her own Chapter of the KKK? Is she stalking Bi-racial Angel Derek Jeter thinking he’s Lebron James?  Does she have people locked in her basement? (Just kidding, she has no basement in her tiny apartment) Does she hate the popular 80’s sitcom Webster? Did she want LL Cool J to be eaten in the Academy snubbed classic, ‘Deep Blue Sea?’  I bet Erika thinks Jackie Robinson is the lead singer of BTS.

Erika will take money from an African American, but that doesn’t mean she has to respect them.


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