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THey wanna close down the Doll House and we say No! No! No!

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Legal News by First Amendment Lawyers Jamie Benjamin and Daniel Aaronson

Last month the town of Sunny Isles Beach Florida which is located on Collins Avenue and 163rd Street in north Miami-Dade County passed on its first reading an ordinance moving The Doll House. The Doll House has been at that location for approximately 20-years and prior to The Doll House being there other adult establishments were located at that address.
The Doll House causes no trouble. Police reports dealing with The Doll House are virtually nonexistent. The City of Sunny Isles Beach has grown up around The Doll House with some magnificent structures. Obviously, The Doll House has not been an impediment to its growth. Rather, The Doll House has been a fixture there.
For some unknown reason, the City has decided to put an end to The Doll House. They are in the process of passing an ordinance that would move The Doll House, if The Doll House can find a location to the center of the city and located right on Collins Avenue. For those of you who know, there can be no more high profile location than on Collins Avenue. It is obvious, that the City’s agenda is that The Doll House will find no location to move to.
What is inherently wrong about what is going on in Sunny Isles Beach is that The Doll House was there for ten years prior to the City even being formed. The Doll House predates the formation of the City. The owner of the Doll House has received commendations from the local PBA for their work with the police. The Doll House allows its establishment to be used by police dog handlers so that they can train them on how to sniff for unwanted drugs. The Doll House owner is a member of at least two city-based organizations and has supported the police Olympics. The Doll House and its principal have been good citizens of Sunny Isles Beach.
Yet, this all seems not to matter as it appears that the Mayor and the political powerful in the city have determined that they don’t want The Doll House there anymore. It does not bother them to put somebody out of business and to take-away livelihoods. No, only they care about making the city over into their dream while crushing the dreams of others including at least fifteen people who will lose their jobs at The Doll House who happen to live in that City.
Well, The Doll House is not going to take this lying down. Over the next several years expect one hell of a fight. When all is said and done we hope to tell you that The Doll House still remains standing and that the city officials finally realize is that all they are is elected and they are not gods.



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