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Things to use for Sex- Altoids?


I was on Twitter last night with my friends and they helped me write half of my column. It’s for Xcitment magazine but I thought I”d post it here too. Feel free to add your own list of things used for sex.

Twitter is fun. If you aren’t on, give it a try, and make sure you are following me

Saturday night I posed this question-
Name some things you can use for sex! I had no idea what I would get for answer. But my friends came through with some really cool ideas…

@IAN__BD  a banana, fucking machines, fingers, tongue, panties, buttplugs

@FurFamily (Jon, writer for LN & LIB) polish sausages, popsicles, squash and gourds, turkey basters, baby bottle brushes, table legs, flashlights.

@KyleaKilleen (Miss Burlesque United States 2010)  Cinnamon Altoids, X-Scream in Buttercream Icing or Mandarin, Chocolate/mint body paints, Glow in the dark finger paints, Ben Wa Balls, Bondage restraint straps/ropes, cock rings, “pearl strands”, sex swings & furniture

@robbrick (CTO skinworxxx) cucumber, handcuffs, blindfold, whipped cream, altoids

@LizzXXXTayler (porn star “I get to bang and get banged for a living”.) cucumber, anal beads, those razors that vibrate, whipped cream, strap on, shower head, (the foreign objects r crazy, I know) ice cubes, whips, handcuffs, sex swings, video camera..

@thegogo (Professional Imp of the Perverse.) Vibrating toothbrush. Use the handle for clit, G-spot. Hairbrushes with curved handles make dandy dildos, Classic wood  hairbrush for spanking and roleplay. Plastic wrap for bondage & mummification. Mint toothpaste, Dab just a bit on the clit or cockhead (or both) for tingly, minty-fresh fun. Small bamboo cooking skewers can feel like needles on the skin & deliver a delicious scratch, but…If that’s too edgey, can always substitute a feathered cat toy as a sensual, erotic tickler. Cheap & easy too.

@AngelVain (cool porn chick,” I Get To Fuck On Film” )The razor that vibrates, you detach the blades, lol. Backside of the crest spin toothbrush…. bzzzzz  You can also use vibrating game controls like for Xbox. I have a vibe necklace that you can get away with in public!

@LyaPinkxxx (lill slut that luvs fucking )how about a beer bottle lol.  A face exfoliater w/o the pad on it. I started out with an antique face massager!

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