Think Twice About Turkey?

Anyone remember the controversy regarding that 16 year old blonde bombshell marrying some 51 year old dude? Didn’t think so, let me jog your memory. Courtney Stodden, an aspiring country music singer, wound up marrying actor Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile, X Files, Lost) in Las Vegas after meeting him online and “falling in love”.

Perfect Couple *BARF*


Forget that though, this hottie is now 18 years of age, and seems to enjoy milking the holidays and her hot body to gain the public’s attention. Which is fine with me, even if it’s to promote something I’m entirely against –  to stop eating delicious turkey at Thanksgiving. ? That’s right, this conspiring cunt has slapped on a PETA shirt and teamed up with a cardboard turkey cutout to “raise awareness” using her sex appeal. This has been done before when PETA launched an XXX website which raised eyebrows, featuring stars such as Pamela Anderson and Ron Jeremy

Fake Tits For Not A Fake Cause!

Indecently Awesome!







Back to the MEAT AND POTATOES ? of this post though – the cock tease, Courtney Stodden. She can be seen in her latest photoshoot, like I said, with a cardboard cutout of a turkey; also, posing in a “don’t eat turkey” tshirt alongside her dog, aptly named “Dourtney” – a combination of Doug and Courtney. Fucking dumbasses. Anyway, we’ve got ALL of Courtney’s holiday photoshoots for your prying eyes, don’t worry. They really aren’t anything special, BUT HEY! If this tittified-teen is willing to flaunt, I suppose we’re willing to watch. Right? Check them the fuck out:

Check ‘Dem Silky Panties!

                                                        Cool Dog You Meat Hater

                                                            More Silky Deliciousness


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