This Couple Has Sex With Life-Sized Sex Dolls

Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow appeared on a British show called This Morning spreading their love for life-sized sex dolls.


This British couple owns 5 silicone sex dolls, which are worth about $30,000. Dave revealed he had a doll named Bianca in his life before he met his wife. Bianca is actually “famous,” she appeared in Lars and the Real Girl with Ryan Gosling.


“I had ‘Bianca’ before we met. She initially started as a documentary subject. She was in a movie with Ryan Gosling. I was doing a documentary driving around and people recognize her. The very first day we went on I introduced her. I thought if she leaves me that will help whittle down the choices”

Dave may have been the one to introduce Shawna to the dolls,  it was Shawna who decided to include them in their sex life. Apparently, it’s the perfect kind of threesome since no one is getting more or less attention.


The British couple told This Morning they also have a gentleman sex doll named Terry who has three different parts – I assume they meant genitalia. Personally, I find this odd but they seem to be happy together with their sex dolls – so keep on keeping on Dave and Shawna.


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