This Famous Couple Got Caught Having Sex in Public

You probably know about Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They are a Hollywood power couple – and no, not the pornstar type. They are mainstream actors who have starred in classics like The First Wives Club and Forrest Gump. They are super famous and they are also a couple who has been together basically forever. They met in 1983 after Goldie had two failed marriages, and they’ve been together ever since. This was after they were already somewhat well known stars mind you, which makes the story that is about to follow even more outrageous!

According to an interview on the Harry Connick Jr. Show with Kurt Russell, the couple got busted by the cops early on in their relationship for having a sexy encounter in public. The evening of their infamous date started with a movie and then they continued the night at the Playboy Club. Those little cottontail leotards are probably enough to get anyone’s juices flowing good and hard. At the time, Goldie was having her house renovated and worked on by construction workers, so they went there, even though it was under construction and practically open to anyone who might walk in there. They actually had to break into the house, because Goldie wasn’t living there at the time and didn’t have the key with her. They started talking about the furniture and rooms that would go in the house, and then started having sex. The next thing they know a flashlight was shining in their face and the police officers told them to get a hotel. How embarrassing! They are so lucky that cell phone videos didn’t exist back then because otherwise they might be the subject of the latest sex tape scandal! To make matters even more awkward, the house now belongs to Goldie’s daughter from a previous marriage, Kate Hudson. She can tell all her guests, “Well, this is where my mom got caught by the police having sex!” How embarrassing.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell seem to really have the whole love and relationships thing down. They always look smiling and radiant, and it is probably because clearly they are not afraid to have an adventurous sex life. You too can get that radiant glow, if you just watch some awesome porn right here. Oh sure, if you have a partner, fucking them would probably be better, but porn is always here for you whenever you want it, and it is definitely more reliable than a person’s libido. So, just commit that moment to memory – Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn back in the 80s fucking and getting caught in the police and add it to your spank bank.

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