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This is gonna cause some shit…. lol, I’m Not Afraid Of You, So Don’t bother…-UPDATE

UPDATE- Jon (who owns Sweetheart Films) and I have been in touch and are on the road to recovery, lol. Sometimes venting can be a good thing.  ?

UPDATE- Keni Styles has apologised and I’ve accepted. Slate wiped clean.

UPDATE- X At Galaxy Awards & I have cleared up our misunderstanding ( language barrier had a lot to do with it) and we are good. I wish him the best with his Awards

A few things have been pissing me off lately. 

And I am the kind of person, who if you piss me off you will hear about it from me. Maybe not right away because I do try to be nice if I can. I do try to correct the problem or misunderstanding, but if you let it go, you don’t answer me, or you do answer me and your answer is rude, you aren’t going to be forgotten about and left alone. I don’t like being treated badly, and I will carry a grudge.

NOPE. I am sorry to say that treating me badly, will affect you for life. I don’t forgive and forget, well I try to, but I’m not good at it. I am a GREAT, loyal  friend to have. But am an awful wronged person. Because whatever you did to me, will play over and over in my head, until you either apologize or make it right. 

Because I am a great and loyal friend, I am also a awful and forever enemy.

I guess the worse thing you could do to me, would be lie about me, or treat me like I am stupid. Because I am always truthful in what I say, and I am not dumb.

So calling treating me dumb or lying to me, either of those things would offend me, a lot.

Don’t say you will sue me. Generally you have no grounds, no case and probably no lawyer who cares enough to take it. Plus, dumb as I may seem. I went to school for law. I’m not afraid of you, So don’t bother…

Don’t give me instructions on how I should run my site. If you have all these wonderful ideas, get a site of your own and put up whatever you want, then try to find yourself some readers, good luck. I’ll beat you every time in traffic. You don’t agree? Go for it. I’m not afraid of you, I will win, so don’t bother…

To those people that say I bought my traffic when I paid for this site, I answer, yes you are right I did. BUT that was three years ago, and traffic has gone UP since then. It would have been very easy for this site to go down the drain, for a couple reasons-

             1. Because Luke was gone.

             2. Because the hardcore people on this site did not want to deal with a woman running it.

             3. Because no one could take it over and satisfy the readership and keep them coming back.

Ya know what ? I did it and I kept the traffic and actually increased it. So I want to thank all my readers and supporters and say FUCK YOU & thank you  to all my haters, because i know you read the site too. ?

I have more to say about this to. If you have pissed me off,  treated me badly, been rude, acted like an asshole,  or we just plainly don’t get along, your story is coming up.. If you would like to clear things up, I am more than happy to be fair and hear you out. Email me [email protected]

If you have treated me unfairly/ lied  about me/ I have the right to call you out and I will-

Adella -FOR SURE- TOP OF MY LIST- IF I COULD ONLY PICK ONE IT WOULD  BE YOU ADELLA, after me being 20 years in the biz, YOU ADELLA are the one who hurt me and wronged me the most, and for some crazy reason, CONTINUES to do so…. because I keep hearing about How I “lied and had stolen pictures from a website” ( you sent me emails giving me permission to use those pics). But you are still telling people I stole them.  You think they don’t talk to me?

Other people that are “in my opinion’ less then honorable, Nica Noelle, X  at  Galaxy Awards, Guy who owns Sweetheart Films and is afraid to answer my emails, Wolf Hudson, in my opinion an ass hole who thinks he can dance and sing like Michael Jackson, but from inside info I’ve recieved, from people he’s  auditioned for, he’ s out of his mind , that asian guy with the english accent-Ken or something? , Steve Banan, Chasey Lain, and there are more, but truthfully I don’t have a lot.

I love my job. I love my industry. I love this biz. After almost twenty years here, there are really less then ten scum bags I have come across. So if you want my advice about the good people and the bad people, I can tell you. Just ask. xo Cindi


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