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Three Stooges Lawsuit?



The brainchild behind the porn parody, “Not the Three Stooges XXX” has been threatened by the guy behind the PG version that was released Friday — to either put the brakes on the porn, or else.

Robert Benjamin, Executive VP and General Counsel of C3 Entertainment which produced the PG movie, fired off a letter — obtained by TMZ —  to the lawyer for the triple X version, claiming the “low budget, clearly pornographic film” is not protected as a parody under the First Amendment.

But Michael Fattorosi,  the XXX lawyer fired his own letter back — which we also got — claiming the only way Benjamin could stop him is with a proper trademark, and Fattorosi says the only Three Stooges trademark Benjamin owns is for Three Stooges bottled beer.

But even more basic — Fattorosi lectures Benjamin on the fact that a parody is protected as free speech.

The PG movie came in second last weekend, pulling in $17 mil.

We’ll see how the XXX version comes in.

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