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Three writers WANTED for my sites…

Thank you for all the responses. I’ve gottem and will write you back as soon as I can.


Writer number one- will follow the piracy cases. Suits filed, who is winning, verdicts etc… you will have just this one important issue to deal with, and I will expect you to quote and site the cases going on. If this issue is already important to you, why not write about it to keep all the facts fresh in you mind and educate a couple hundred thousand people in porn while you are doing it? Plus give your own views on the topic. Send me an email and tell me why it should be you? Don’t you want too! We can keep you anon if that ‘s important to you, or you can put your name on the line and call all these people out, with my backing.


Writer number 2 will be a horny women that  loves  porn and porn stars,and wants to interview hot male porn stars. You’ll be doing research, writing questions, asking the interesting and controversial questions, and sending them via email. And You will type this all up and get it to go to me within a day or so along with 3-5 pics the star sends you to use. This will be really fun, and I will make it so easy for you by giving you a start on the questions…


Writer number 3 will be people involved in the adult industry, whether stars ,directors, camera men and insiders, who want to share their experiences, the good  and the bad that happens on set. I can keep you anon.

Drop me a line at [email protected] and if you want to remain anon, you will. And don’t be shy. My last 5 writers on my sites or for the mag have all come from those that were fans first.


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