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Time for a Change ….

Hello everyone.  My name is Kelli Roberts.  Some of you may know me, some of you may not.  I won’t bore you with a long resume.  I’ll just say that I’m an industry veteran, having been in the business since August of 1996.  I’m here to help my friend clean up her site, fix a lot of little technical issues here and there and well … take out some of the trash.  I know most people won’t really notice any changes to the site but some of you, a vocal majority will.   I’m sorry but for those few who have been causing problems for awhile now, will need to find somewhere else to go play.  There are thousands of people each and every day who visit this website.  Less than 10 of those people, are those that I am speaking to.

The days of pointless ramblings and rantings via the comment system are gone.  Hate on me all you want, it won’t matter.  It’s just how things are going to be.  This site isn’t a democracy so there is no voting.  The decision has been made, this site is to be cleaned up and that is that.  If your comment isn’t specifically relevant and appropriate towards the post in hand then it will be deleted.  Period.   Don’t care who you are or what you think of this new policy.  I’m here to do a job and well … that just means a few of you are going to have to hate on me for that.  I’m good with that.
 For the mass majority of the visitors, I welcome you to the new days of this site.  A time when you can come and read industry relevant news without having to wade through the sludge.  Really you won’t see many changes.  Most of them are being done on the back end.   But I do hope you enjoy the peace and quiet. ?

So to clarify, the site will remain live and continue to grow and become better than ever.  You can expect to see some great new stories and fun new features in the near future.  If you would like to contribute to the site with news stories or photo galleries specific to our industry please click the contact us link at the top of this site and let Cindi know what you have in mind.







 Cindi- So glad you are here Kelli, you just took the huge weight that’s been on my shoulders and made it a LOT lighter.

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