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Time to Vote for The Free Ones Woman of the Year 2010

NL- You can vote for ten girls a day. I am surprised at some of the names missing from the list ( Teagan, jessica drake…) but I found plenty of hotties to cast my votes for. Mariah Milano is up on the list and I am sure she would like your votes also.



by Vicky Vette
Those of you who are veterans of the Booble Girl of the Year contest will recall the monumental efforts you all put in to win Booble Girl of the Year for me a couple of years ago.  It was a massive fight and somehow we came out ahead.

Well the time has come to do it all again……… for three months.  A long campaign but I think you are ‘up’ for it!  I am in the running for Miss Freeones and darn it… I would like to do respectably well.  I am up against the best in the biz so ramp up the efforts and let’s see how well we can do.

You know the drill… vote daily.  Bookmark the link so you don’t forget.  It helps as well if you bulletin your friends with the link.

How to vote? I made a super handy link for you to use!! Just remember it…  If it is disabled, copy and paste it into your browser.  The actual vote page has a bunch of stuff on it – just go to the bottom of the page, enter the captcha and VOTE! It really just takes a second.

A long campaign? Yup. The first month narrows the field to 50, the second to 20 and the top three in the 3rd month place with a trip to Los Angeles. You DON’T have to sign up to Freeones to participate and vote, but if you do, you could end up in Los Angeles as a winner too!

Are you guys with me?

On your marks…… get set…… VOTE!

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