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Tina Kim Answers Back to JRV, “I didn’t have one drink”

Tina Kim Answers back to JRV. This is her opinion only.

I would like to respond.First of all, below is the email I sent to Chris to verify our terms.  He then sent out an email with me on the flyer.  That’s done it’s a contract.

 Secondly why are they lying about a mandatory rehearsal?  Seems like they  never had one seeing the disaster the show was.You even see in their email, where does it say mandatory?  Where does it say we are not going to pay you if you don’t show up?


  Christophe Thais told her, you did not show up for rehearsals, you did not show up for soundcheck and you show up 30 minutes before doors open and expect to be paid for doing nothing but sitting in the audience and getting drunk.  He told her that he would not pay her anything for doing nothing.

 It really bothers me to have to sink down to their level, but the lies they tell show their true caliber.I never even had one drink that night.  I didn’t even have a glass of water, so for them to say I was drunk is outlandish.

 I was there at 5:30 PM on Sunday, did a soundcheck and sat downstairs at the restaurant and went upstairs to Catch One disco and waited in line for 15 minutes while they scrambled around.

 I can even get the waiter downstairs and ask him if I had any drinks.  He would say no.  Ask the bartender, they wouldn’t know cause all I did was sit by the stage waiting for my cue.  I have a witness and I asked Chris will you be announcing me, he said yes.  NEVER DID he say if we have time for you, that’s complete nonsense. 

Regardless, I know what happened and my statements are facts about what happened that night.

 I will be going to small claims court and it will be a no brainer.  I have proof and the youtube video just about sums it up. 

The lies Chris tells show exactly what kind of person he is.  Please be weary of any dealings with him.

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