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Tina Tyler on Marc Wallace

by Tina Tyler   From

Porn has always been a dangerously forgiving industry. We employ many people who could never pass a background check in any other industry and whose crimes are actual and documented. The truth is that we may never know what the crime in this case is (or is not) as Mr. Wallice is not talking… and who can blame him

I understand feeling scared and acting out of fear… the stupidest decisions tend to be made that way, but who among us can say we’ve never done something stupid. I wouldn’t want to deny someone a living just because they were human in the past. After all he’s a porn star, not a religious leader… just how much are we supposed to expect from our porn stars if the clergy can’t stop fucking kids? For that matter why should we ever be shocked by anyone’s behavior no matter what they choose to do for a living… we all are human with all that that entails.

I feel that Mr. Wallice is entitled to make a living, and it seems that the living he is making is not
putting others at risk of contracting HIV, so what’s the problem?
We, as porn performers all realize the risks involved (or at least we should), we pay our nickel and take our chances. Instead of demonizing Marc Wallice, we should be thanking whatever good fortune, we ourselves have, that we are not in his shoes.

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