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Tina Tyler on “The Devil Made Me Do It”

A review of Georgina Spelvin’s Book, “The Devil Made Me Do It”

by Tina Tyler

Ms Spelvin packing an autographed copy of her book to send to a fan.

Ms. Spelvin is an excellent storyteller and really makes you feel like you’re right there with her as she weaves her way from her early days in New York’s Pickle Factory to adult superstardom.

Having always wished that I had been born earlier, this was a wonderful glimpse into the New York porn scene in the 1970’s. I marvelled at her incredible memory of things past, right down to a description of a certain outfit worn at the Toronto Film Festival’s screening of “The Devil in Miss Jones.”

It’s unbelievable how much more mainstream acceptance there was during the time of porn chic than there is even today.

I don’t want to give too much away, for those of you who’ve yet to read this fantastic account of Ms. Spelvin’s entrance into porn and subsequent adventures, save to say that I highly recommend this read. It’s informative and sexy as all get out. She gives the reader an intimate and brutally honest look at her life and feelings that I have yet to see in other works about the industry.

Apparently, Ms. Spelvin is hard at work on another book, and if it’s anything like “The Devil Made Me Do It,” I want the first copy!

If you would like to check in on Georgina Spelvin, or get your own copy of her book, visit her personal website


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