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Tina Tyler Responds

I’m Guessing There Isn’t Much Traffic on the High Road

by Tina Tyler of

It’s come to my attention that another site has, not only noticed my last blog, but seems to be more than a little upset by it. As for the comments, I won’t dignify them, save to say, his is how rumours get started.

(NL -Tina is talking about PornStarBabylon)

As a matter of fact, it was a rumour that started this whole situation to begin with. A rumour declaring that Marc Wallice had forged an HIV test, which turned into a rumour that he knowingly infected others with the disease. To my knowledge, none of this was ever proven, yet as time goes by, rumours become fact touted by people who weren’t even there. As I said in my original blog on the subject we don’t know what the crimes in the case are or aren’t, yet I see people running with the assumption and it saddens me.

It’s hard to defend someone who even possibly could have done something so heinous. Believe me, I’ve found myself on the defense of Max Hardcore recently and that rocked me to the core. It seems to me that if something could have been proven in this case, the law would have been brought into it, at least I certainly hope it would have. Lord knows if it were me, I would have been suing everyone. (and we Canucks aren’t very litigious)
I think Marc deserves to be able to work quietly without being attacked by people who don’t know the facts. I include myself in that statement. The only one who knows for sure is Marc and he has to liv

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