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Tito Answers-“Jenna has a Drug Problem”- UPDATED with Jenna’s Response

UPDATE- Jenna says it’s isn’t true- “I am officially crushed…. I have so much I could say, but I refuse to ruin tito……I will never be the same, I lost the love of my life. Its sad tito had to resort to attacking my character. I am being strong for my children, and I hope he feels a bit better now. Surprised so many of you believe titos allegations…”

UPDATE- NL I’ve seen Tito & his lawyer express this as a video press conference, so it’s not just TMZ reporting, but all news orgs.

Tito Ortiz and/or his attorney according to TMZ, has stated that Jenna is addicted to Oxycontin and their fight today, was because he found some in the house. He did not hit her. He wants to work it out with her and says that his parents had drug problems and he’s not going to let his family go thru that.

Tito’s attorney, according to TMZ, says that Jenna has been addicted for a year, and has been to rehab.

Jenna says that Tito is trying to save his career by saying that.

More to come I am sure…

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