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Tito Arrested, Jenna Injured-UPDATE

Update- TMZ is also reporting that Jenna wants to work things out with Tito. What ever she decides, I am with her.

UPDATE- Tito posted his bond of $25,000 and was released. Police have now confirmed this story.

I’m going to go with this one, even tho I don’t have secondary confirmation yet. So I guess we will say this is an unconfirmed story from

Tito Ortiz has been arrested. Police were called to his Huntington beach Home and left with Tito in handcuffs.

The charge is Felony Domestic Violence.

Jenna has a support bandage on her right elbow & upper arm. A restraining order has been filed against Tito.

More to come I’m sure.

And just so I am clear right from the beginning. I am on Team Jenna.

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