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TJ Cummings Does Solo for his Gay Fans

NL-TJ and I will be doing an interview sometime this month. Let me know if you want me to ask him something specific by leaving it in the comment section.


TJ Cummings, Drake Rock Up the Ante
Straight-porn star takes another step in his erotic exploration.

By JC Adams
Monday, Jul 13, 2009    

LOS ANGELES — Straight-adult performer TJ Cummings is upping the ante in his latest erotic vignette for all-male pro/am website

“TJ wanted to push himself further by finger-fucking himself. He said that he hadn’t been on the receiving end of anal penetration for a number of years and wanted to explore that on-camera for his fans,” a site publicist explained.

“He found the experience incredible and moments before he is about to cum he thrusts his finger up his ass to heighten the sensation.”

Member anticipation for the solo masturbation scene — titled “Finger Fuck/Cum,” it is the fourth in a series — has been high. “At the time of shooting TJ had only performed in a few solo videos,” said company principal Drake Rock. “None of them involved anal insertion. The wait is over.”

“Since TJ no longer performs in male-male scenes, this video allows him to explore anal pleasure without crossing into hardcore gay sex.”

As “Nick Steel,” Cummings made his erotic debut a decade ago with a number of gay adult films. He later carried on his performance career with a focus primarily on straight-adult and solo vignettes.

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