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TMD Adult Hosting – One of the Best Adult Friendly Hosting (2019)

If you are new here on this website, then let me tell you that i have been making thousands of dollars every month in adult industry online.

And making money online without a hosting is nearly impossible. Whether making an adult website or even adult affiliate marketing, you need a high quality , adult friendly and reliable adult hosting. And this is where TMD hosting comes to the rescue.

tmd adult hosting

TMD hosting : One of the best Adult hosting

Now you might already know that not many companies allow adult content on their hosting. So companies like siteground and Bluehost are already out. 

Also check out the detailed and comprehensive analysis i did for best adult hosting on the internet.​

I have been using Hostgator for majority of my website. Why i use them is becuase after being in adult industry for almost 7 years now, i have not found a better adult web hosting comapany then Hostgator (i am talking in terms of shared hosting)

Since last year i started trying TMD hosting for my newer adult website (both for tube website, affiliate sites and more) and i was highly impressed by TMD hosting performance.

Their prices are really cheap and quality is fantastic. 

My experince with TMD adult hosting

i started by starting a new website on TMD hosting. The best part was that the domain was free and bandwidth unlimited. So right there i saved the $15 that i would have spent on domain

Also the unlimited storage and bandwidth option was attractive, but then again i dont beleive in claims but rather the actual reality and my own testing.

Within three months my webiste was getting around 8000 visitors/day and i did not see a single sign of downtime or any performance issue. For a shared hosting, handling 8000 visitors/day without any problem is definitely attractive.

To test the performance even more, i shifted one of my website that was getting around 25000 visitors/day on TMD hosting server and to my utter surprise the website was loading even faster than the previous Digital Ocean Server.​

This is when i realized that i have found an amazing adult friendly hosting. Then and there i decided to write a review about TMD hosting and introduce this new service to all my thousands of website audience.​

How to buy Adult friendly TMD hosting

If you have not bought any hosting ever in your life, then this step by step process of buying TMD hosting will help you.

Firstly, click on the button below to visit the correct page on their website.​

This is how to the page will look like.

tmd hosting

You have to click on the blue button to get started.

Now, if you are someone who will be focusing on just one website for the next one year then you can go for the starter plan as it only allows hosting one website.

Since i am an adult webmaster and i start and build new websites almost every alternate day, i decided to go with the professional plan, but for yourself you can choose starter plan as well if you are low on cash and need an effective hosting. Also you will get free domain with it.​

tmd hosting plans

Once you have decided on the plan that suits you the best then you can click on the blue button and move onto the next steps.

Select the free domain name you want and then move forward.

demo 2

As for the number of months, you can for for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. The lesser months you take the more money you will be spending. I recommed taking 1 year option.

Also choose a server which is closest to the location of your target audience, as that will reduce the website loading time.

As for additional service, i dont recommend any except Backup. Everything else can be done free of cost so no need to spend money on any of that.​

Fill the rest of the details and make the payment. One you are done you can follow any of the money making method that is shared on the website.​

Now stop wasting time reading and doing nothing. Become a Doer and start you money making journey right now, buy this TMD hosting by clicking the link below and send me an email, i will personally help you ?

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