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NL- . I know that the world series is coming up, and when i was really small, I remember listening to baseball while I was falling asleep for my nap. My grandfather loved the Yankees, and Phil Rizzutto and Ballentine Beer. More than thirty years later, I can still hear Rizzuto’s voice calling the game.  I don’t really follow sports much, but the world series, and baseball have a warm place in my heart because of those memories.

So who do you think it’s going to be against the Texas Rangers? St. Louis Cardinals? or Milwaukee Brewers?  And who do you want to win? I really don’t care either way. I just wish Phil Rizzutto was around to call the game  ?



NL- I’m afraid my knowledge of football is even less than baseball. I watch the Superbowl for the commercials! But again to the childhood memories, I was born rooting for the Minnesota Vikings. My mother knew Fran Tarkington somehow, so that was THE team in our house. But because I know you guys like sports I figured I’d give you a thread to talk about it on. I just took a look at where the superbowl will be held this year and it’s Feb 5 in Indianapolis. Tickets available start at $1955 a seat! I’ve got a couple of very special friends, (like Sean) that like football, so I know they are watching it today.

(Because of my friends who like the game so much,  I keep an eye on the Chargers for Raven, even though they aren’t playing today & whatever team Tay is betting on! lol)

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