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Today is Court! Remember Tara From FPSP Lawsuit?-UPDATE

 UPDATE- from Michael Whiteacre

One correction, Cindi: we decided to counter-sue outside of Small Claims court. Unlike Tara, my reputation and peace of mind are worth more than could be collected in small claims. Also, Akinlose filed suit in Riverside County — I’ll be filing in LA County, which is a more convenient venue.

Yesterday evening, Tara was Tweeting Sean and myself. What she does is engage us with something rude or accusatory, in order to lure us into responding. She then screen-caps our response, and deletes her original Tweet, in order to demonstrate that we are harassing her. I don’t respond — I just screen-cap hers and add it to the mountain of evidence against her.

I sure hope Tara does show up. I’ll get pics of her in public areas for which she will have no copyright protection. The story of a homophobic PornWikiLeaks supporter who sued the victims of that hate site after it was pulled down is one for the books.

I also look forward to having special guests come down and watch the proceedings. The address is: 41002 County Center Dr., Dept T1, Temecula, CA 92591. The hearing is set to begin at 1:30 pm.


From Cindi -Back in July I let you know that Tara Alkinlose of filed a lawsuit against Michael Whiteacre, Monica Foster & Mercedes Ashley in small claims court. Tara claims in her suit  “The defendants have harassed and libeled the plaintiff via the internet. They sent electronic messages to her home PC in order to defame and alarm the plaintiff. She has suffered emotionally from their behavior. “

The amount she is claiming is “For each day I have been harassed, I want $10 from each plaintiff for emotional pain and suffering.” (about $300 each)

The Plaintiffs have countersued Tara, and have gathered tons of evidence of HER harassment of them! I wish I was there today, but we will all have to wait to hear from Michael as to what went on. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


My guess is that Tara doesn’t even show up. That should result in a default judgment against her for all the  money that she is being countersued for…


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