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Tom Byron- The long awaited exclusive interview and pics- Great stuff!

NL- I sent these questions to Tom last week. Most are from you guys, a few are from me. He gave us really good, truthful, funny answers. One of the best, the brightest, the brilliant-  an interview with TOM BYRON…


1. If you could bring back any girl from the history of Adult films for a seasoned players scene who would it be?

That’s easy. Traci Lords. It would sell HUGE, and it would be an interesting conversation, to say the least. We have a lot of catching up to do.

I always wanted to fuck Annette Haven, though…


2. Of the current crop of Girls working in the industry, who does he think will become legends?

Who the fuck knows. Sasha Grey made a pretty significant crossover having the lead in that Soderbergh film.

Seems to me you gotta put in the time to be considered a legend, but some girls, like Bambi Woods, become legendary from a single film, like Debbie Does Dallas.

Shit, I don’t know why people consider ME a legend. I’m just a goofy fuck that happens to have spent almost 30 years fucking beautiful women for a living. No big woop.


3. Since his job has been having sex with more women than 99.99% of men on the planet, ask him what he does for fun.



    4. Is Chloe just back for one movie, or is she now back in the biz?   Will Chloe plan on signing at Tom Byron’s booth at the aee or avn convention this coming january? if not or if she hasn’t thought about it, please tell her the fans want to see her! i’ve been waiting for a chance to meet her.

Yeah, Chloe’s around, she signed with Lisa Ann. I’ll look into getting her to sign in Vegas. We sold the shit out of Seasoned Players 9, so I know she’s popular, the little wackadoodle.

5. What jobs did you have in California before you broke into porn? Is it true you worked for a sex shop on Van Nuys Blvd?

I had exactly 5 jobs before porn. First was McDonald’s. Then I did one summer at a lumber yard where my grandfather worked. In college, I worked at a student hangout called Chelsea Street Pub. Moved to California, worked in auto parts for 2 years before I found my way into porn, while moonlighting at Le Sex Shoppe in Sherman Oaks.

Porn is a much better job.

 6. Your thoughts on former male lead Jerry Butler. Did the man make you laugh?

Jerry’s a funny motherfucker. I thought we did some really nice acting work in Kinky Business. He liked to stir shit up, though. Not afraid to speak his mind. I liked him.


7. Were you surpised by Jon Dough’s death? Did you go to the funeral?

Shocked and saddened, not surprised. Jon was prone to depression and really struggled with meth addiction. Decent guy, a lot of people liked him. Unfortunately, I was out of town and unable to make the funeral.

 8. Was Randy Paul your twin brother?

No. Randy Paul, I’m surprised you remember him, considering he was in the biz for all of 5 minutes.

9.You thoughts please on the following performers:

      Crystal Breeze
Dug her a lot. Favorite scene was when I was in a big refrigerator box made to look like a computer and I stuck my cock out of a hole and she blew me, a sorta glory hole deal. It was frustrating, cuz I’m very visual and I couldn’t see her, at the same time exciting, cuz i knew who was on the other side of the box. I think I did one of my least favorite scenes ever on that set as well, with Lee Carroll.

      Alexa Parks
I banged around with her a little off set for a while. Nice big ass on her.

      Barbara Dare
What a bod. Nice, nice girl. Always had a great time. She used to date a lot of women, I think that might’ve been her preference. Wonder what’s she’s up to now? I think she might have  been the first contract girl, before Ginger, with Essex. I could be wrong on the dates, though.

      Alicia Monet
What a nutjob. I was there in Europe when she almost bit Rocco’s cock off. Seriously mentally disturbed.

      Frank James
Big friendly Indian guy. Favorite memory with him is getting drunk with him and Blake Palmer and roaming around San Francisco while on a Roy Alexander shoot back in the eighties.

      Kevin James
Was the top dog at Jim South’s when I got in the biz. Had a very photogenic cock that worked well. Died quite a while ago from testicular cancer, I believe. Nice guy.

      Steve Drake
One of the eighties go-to guys. Came in at the same time as Peter North. (84 I think.)Pleasant enough fellow, a little egotistical.

      Damien Cashmere
Damien cracked me up. Good character actor, did some nice stuff with John Leslie. I think he got married to a really cute SF porn actress named Kendall Marx.

10. Whats the best concert you have ever been to?

Either the Metallica Summer Sanitarium Tour at the LA Coliseum in 2000 or The Grateful Dead in Anaheim back in 1987. Dropped three tabs of acid and had to chill in a mall parking lot for a few hours with my girl listening to the same Jimi Hendrix tape over and over again, watching the trees turn into rats. Good times.

11. What are you favorite memories of the industry?

 My first day on the set. Being a part of the film era before video took over. Traveling to Europe. Oh yeah, and fuckin all those broads.

12. Who do you admire most that you have worked with?

I admired all the great old school directors like Alex DeRenzy, Henri Pachard, Anthony Spinelli, Gerard Damiano. Making a compelling film with hardcore sex and inexperienced actors is quite a challenge. These guys made it look easy.

13. Who was the best fuck you ever had?

That is the question I am asked the most and it is the most difficult to answer. I’ll tell ya this, I’ve had a lot more best fucks than worst fucks. Sex, even when it’s bad, is still pretty good. Best? Maybe I haven’t had my best fuck yet!

14. What is the funniest thing that ever happened on a set?

A girl having explosive diarrhea during an anal scene is always good for a chuckle.

Tom Byron
CEO Tom Byron Pictures, Inc.

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