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Tommy Gunn Teases Me… But not the way I want him to…

I think Tommy Gunn is one of the hottest men in the porn biz. He spent some time teasing me on Twitter tonight. NOT EXACTLY the kind of teasing I would dream about. But from what he is saying, I am guessing he is heading to a different job soon. Remember, Twitter is backwards with the newest entry on the top….


……No I’m not sick..I’m as healthy as an OX…

Untill then…its bizness as usual.

 All will see very soon.

From Me @TommyGunnXXX Yep what??? you are leaving us hanging.. Are you leaving porn? What are you going to do? Be a motorcycle racer? stuntman?

The Lights are Gonna Shine BRIGHT!!

I’m on my way out!!! HA!


From Me @TommyGunnXXX what??? your days alive? as a porn star? you are scaring me….. :{

My days Are numbered…….knowing that is so refreshing.

well tweets…its happenin….the wheels of progress are turnin….the journey has begun.

meetin major players in Film and Television

OMG…..this is unreal

American Film Market today with my partner, got some amazing news..finally part of my wish has come true…….Ha

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