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Tomo Paradise Interview

Tomo is Japanese. Here’s her MySpace. She’s with Foxxx Modeling.

We did this interview via email.

* When you were a girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tomo: “I wanted to work at a pastry place. Or bread. Something like that. Because I like dessert.”

* What did your parents expect of you?

Tomo: “They really didn’t say anything. I don’t talk with them about stuff like that. I’m gonna do whatever I want to do. Why do I have to listen? I don’t talk with them so much.”

* What crowd were you in in high school?

Tomo: “Just normal. My school was only girls. We don’t have boys. So there’s no punk rock, no geek or anything, because only girls. Girls is just girls. Nobody’s crazy.”

* How would your closest friends describe you?

Tomo: “The girl who doesn’t talk so much. And sometimes can’t tell what I’m thinking. That’s because how I grew up. Japanese people and American people is very different. Nobody in my country can talk to anybody like one second. You go to grocery store, wait in line, talk with someone, we never do that. We don’t talk with someone we don’t know. We don’t just talk with strangers and become friends. So it’s so difficult here to talk with people because different language and I didn’t grow up with like that. That’s why maybe every time I meet somebody people think I’m so shy and quiet. But it’s not. It’s just because different.”

* Why did you get into porn?

Tomo: “Now I’m in America, I thought I should do something new. Why not porn? I thought America doesn’t care.”

* What do you love and hate about being a porn star?

Tomo: “I just started, so I don’t know. I like working. I like getting paid. I’m bad at acting. Not only I’m new to the porn business, but I’m also new to this country so still I don’t understand all the English and also I have to act and that’s just so difficult. I hate getting up early.”

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