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Toni James Today

Toni (Renee Smith nee Slyker) She was born April 26, 1976. She graduated Simi Valley High School in 1994. She began her porn career with Steve Drake in 1996.

This is her website today. She’s selling real estate in Simi Valley.

Here’s a recent picture. She looks great. I’d buy a home from her if I had the money.

She’s kept her hair style and color from her porn days.

From Renee’s website:

Renee Smith is equally respected and valued in her profession. She has an amazing knack to bring it all together and make it all happen. With an extensive background in customer service and corporate relations she knows just how to care for her clients and never give up until she finds the perfect solution to meet her client’s needs. Renee compliments Rector & Associates with years of management, marketing and administrative skills. She not only manages their staff and the extensive marketing that goes into advertising and promoting their client’s home, she directs and oversees the details of the transaction and troubleshoots challenges before they’re ever an issue.

During her time in porn, she measured 34-24-35. By her recent pictures, she hasn’t changed much.

According to Adam Film World:

“A turned-up nose, small, upturned breasts and a pixie face make this blonde one of the more welcome additions to the carnal movie ranks. In 1998, Toni continued her non-stop assault on adult video till she dropped out to get married and have a baby. It doesn’t look like, at this point, she’ll return. Toni’s a sexvid starlet out of the pre-plastic mid 80s when porn performers stripped down and got down to it based on their willingness to work in hardcore. She’s got the looks of a girl next door gone wild and turns up in more and more of the better adult features going.” — Adam Film World

Toni James came up fast through the porno ranks beginning in late 1996, sizzling her way through a short string of pro-am features like ‘Nasty Nymphos 16.’ In that early appearance, Toni James took on boyfriend Steve Drake and Vince Voyeur in a sensual back door bangtango that made fans and industry folks alike stand up and take notice. Over the next year or so, Toni James and Steve Drake turned in some awesomely erotic work, notably in ‘Sweet Revenge.’ The on and off-screen couple also did some stellar sexing in ‘Pick Up Lines 12,’ where their poolside fling stood out as the flick’s hottest. The couple broke up in 1997 and Toni James began working with a wider variety of studs. By late 1998, though, she had met and fallen in love with someone from outside the industry. She got married, got pregnant, and left the porno racket — seemingly for good. She left behind a carnal catalog chock-full of her naturalistic, always highly energetic sexuality.

I note a lot of angry comments that I would report this story. If a “Whatever happened to” (WEHT) story offends you, dear reader, not only should you never read a gossip site, you should never read a newspaper. WEHTs are the most basic forms of reporting. All newspapers have them. If a porn star were to receive a Nobel Prize for curing cancer, she would be prominently noted in media reports as an ex-porn star.

If your objection is that Renee Smith may not want this publicity, then you should never read any newspaper because all newspapers report stories that their subjects may not like. A simple report that Jane Doe won a cooking content may well destroy her marriage if she told her husband she was doing something else in a different city on the day she competed.

Porn is forever. If you choose to have sex on camera, you will be known for it for the rest of your life. I understand an ex-porn star will most likely want to avoid such publicity once she leaves the industry but as a reporter I am not her servant.

I understand that people who do porn (like those who do anything) try to maximize the good things of doing it and minimize the bad things. That does not mean I have to assist them. I am not the tool of people I write about.

When sensitive information about a person is made public, that does not mean it is always socially OK to raise it any context. Sensitive stuff is sensitive even if made public on a blog or in a newspaper. If I was hanging out socially with the Renee Smiths of the world, I would not mention their porn past unless it was clear this was something they wanted to talk about. But the etiquette of socializing is not necessarily the etiquette of reporting. Reporting constantly requires the reporter to do things that are rude.

Vanessa writes on XPT:

In Southern California you’ll find a lot of former actors and models working in real estate. They tend to have that “look”, a mix between news anchor, model and serious business executive, sometimes coupled with a certain vacuousness and a hidden sense of defeat, maybe like a lawyer without a law degree. No matter how glitzy their appearance, it’s all just a show, from the clothing to the glistening car. Some female agents definitely look like they might have powerful means of persuasion… Male agents – if they are not gay – make for excellent clients as they like to spend their money in ostentatious ways.

Long story short: Who cares if your agent used to be in porn?

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