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Tony Batman does LA Penthouse Party (pics)

Pictures and story courtesy of Tony Batman of


The Party was put on by Penthouse in celebration of wrapping of another great movie. was one of the sponsors and has some hot girls signing pictures during the event. The red carpet was filled with stars and the top of the night came when Mia Presley held her fashion show with the girls from


I have to say that each and every one of her girls was full of class, style and poise. It was not once noticed that a bunch of the runway models were actually full time porn stars.

Kudos and great job Mia Presley your crew rocked.


We were surprised and elated that we got to talk to and interview Renae Shriver from the no infamous Mini Me Sex tape, don’t be surprised to see her in Penthouse magazine soon, and Shifty from the band Crazy Town and recently from Celebrity rehab.


Lots more pictures of this event on Batman’s site at

If readers, or Tony send me the names I’ll post them on the pics. I just don’t want to put up a few names that I know. I would like to at least have most of the names to bother.

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