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Tony Batman on Gia Nova-

Tony Batman on Gia Nova- (and I wanted an excuse to post this hot chick’s pic) gia-nova-natch-snach-booth1.jpg

Some how, (the actual reason escapes me); I was introduced to rookie Feature Entertainer Gia Nova during the Exotic Dancer Expo a year ago. We were at some strip club and we were partaking in one of the many after hour Expo parties that were going on. 

I was personally in stage three of a four stage process to get the very hot waitress to come and party with my little group of porn stars and club owners, when Gia Nova came over and introduced herself. We had exchanged emails and pleasantries earlier in the year, but this was the first time I had the chance to eye ball the woman live and in person.

She was not a porn star but her presence changed the mood of the room as her “Go ahead and Stare” at me beauty started to take over the group we were in. The waitress got away and I did even mind never making stage four, which for you personal information; [Stage Four: Trying to Find the Waitresses Name tag in your bed the next morning, before you kiss her goodbye forever]….

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