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Tony Eveready Jailed in 2007 Also- repost

This was originally posted on August 18, 2007 by Luke Ford

He faces at least a year in prison for parole violation.

I chat Saturday night on the phone with his girlfriend Katie Ray.

(I last saw Tony at Star World Modeling a couple of weeks ago.)

Katie: “I’m on your website checking it out right now.”

Luke: “What happened to Tony?”

Katie: “Tony went to jail on the 30th. I’m seven and a half months pregnant. We just moved into a house. We had an apartment. We went to clean all our stuff out of the apartment. He took me to get something to eat. We got pulled over by the cops. They found an eight ball of cocaine, like 20 X [Ecstasy] pills and two guns in the car.

“But the police lied about a lot of s—. They pulled us over because we just bought a brand new Chrysler and it had the dealership plates on it. They said that 300s are stolen cars…

“We’re fighting his case. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. He kinda wanted me to let people know what’s going on.”

Luke: “I will. How are you holding up?”

Katie: “It’s hard. It’s very hard. He’s going to get a year for parole violation off the top, whether the case is dropped or not.

“I’m going to have this baby by myself.

“Anyone who can support him, it would be much appreciated.”

Tony’s real name is Duane Reed Moore (DOB 3/12/71). His mailing address is POB 86164, LA, CA, 90086-0164. Go to to send a care package or check out information on his arrest.

“I’m going to see him tomorrow.”

“Everyone keeps emailing me. I’m not currently doing any boy-girl. Now that he went to jail, everyone wants me to do a movie.”

Luke: “Were those your guns?”

Katie: “Neither of the guns worked. There was no clip on one and no fire pin on the other. They didn’t find any bullets or amunition. They raided our house and apartment. They finger-printed our car. They’re trying to say he’s a major drug dealer and Tony’s very far from a drug dealer. The only thing that he slings is dick.”

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