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Tony Gets some Tongue at the Expo

by Tony Batman

(Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas)- The flier said “The official opening Party” for the Exotic Dancer Expo and StorErotica convention. Notice this is our second full day in Las Vegas for this show, sometimes you can make a party before the party and so far we did.

The night started off a bit weird as we were over at the Erotic Museum opening before the Rum Jungle party was to start. I had planned to meet all the ladies at the red carpet and hang out with some of my favorite girls. I was a walking over to the club, “Mandalay Bay can be a long walk from end to end”, when I got a call from Gia and Rachelle and they informed me they were heading someplace else and would try to meet up with me later in to night, I was already late for the red carpet at the Rum Jungle so I had to just let it go and head over to the club, my crew was waiting outside for me and you don’t want to be the ass hole who is late to a full production crew meeting.

We did our entrance interviews and pictures and I noticed a lot and I mean a lot of very hot and sexy women walking into the party. There was a sexy bikini fashion show going on in the night and the GoldStar Models were doing the modeling, and they were hot.

The stars were out in force event though there were some obviously absent faces not in the crowd when we started. Jade Simone Sinclair was hosting the night and did a great job as she always does, it is sometimes hard for me to hear what she is saying because I am always trying to get up her skirt, I have been unsuccessful for years and she has been hosting events for even longer.

The VIP areas were set up on both sides of the bar with the dance floor and a long bar in between, this made it hard to mingle with everyone at once, but we made our rounds and got to talk to just about everyone.

Jerry Westland from the Fantasy Show Clubs chain had a huge area where we all drank for a while, the girls were everywhere and it did not matter what area you were in, it was packed with dancers, models, and porn stars. Over on the other side of the room were my friends from the Screaming O, and there area was also crazy and filled with ladies, I stayed there for a while and had a few more drinks

A about an hour or so into the party Pipedream contract star and porn legend Sean Michaels walked into the Pipedream area, and her had Jill Kelly with him, we have not seen Jill out at a function in so long so we were very excited to see her, also hanging in that booth was super star Devon. We were also surprised to see Inari Vachs who we haven’t seen a couple of years.

The dance floor was packed and crazy, we were hanging with a bunch of the girls when the crew from the other party showed up and took in the last hour of the Rum Jungle experience.  This was not a bad deal, it’s the end of the night and all the girls are still in the area, my chances are good that there would not be a repeat of the night before where I got to go home alone and take up the whole bed.

The Run Jungle party ended and a large bunch of the people from the Expo moved over to the Eye Candy bar inside the Mandalay Bay. We had a couple of dinks there and then I looked up and everyone seemed to disappear in thin air. It was 4 in the morning so we decided to head back to the room and take a nap since there was a big day scheduled in just a few hours. I know your not suppose to sleep in Vegas but a few hours in dream land felt so good.

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