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Tony Malice on Tanner Mayes- And you can still watch the video

UPDATE- YOU CAN NO LONGER WATCH THE VIDEO BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN MADE PRIVATE BY the poster which would be Tony Malice of JM Productions. I’m guessing because they heard from Tanner’s lawyer. She was/is in Florida for a hearing on her charge for not paying a cab driver and the case was postponed, so I am figuring she had her lawyer send them a seize & desist. When I asked her about the case she said she was keeping” low key because otherwise there would be bankruptcys and divorces and all other sorts of lawsuits.”

UPDATE AGAIN-Tony Malice writes me and says “I can count on zero fingers how many times I’ve ever actually heard from a porn whore’s lawyer.  I did this as a courtesy to Tanner and because I don’t want Porno Dan or Jim Powers to get Steve McNaired.  That bitch is looney.”

It’s still up here

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